• Miam miam, Fromage...

    Posted by Eileen Armstrong on 3/26/2014
    Today we had our annual dégustation de fromage in class.  Thanks to all of the families who provided grapes, apples baguettes and cheese, as well as the always wildly popular apple cider.  I brought in three types of cheese for the students to enjoy, a Brie, a Roquefort, and a Chèvre, so we could try a cheese made from cow, ewe and goat milk.  The Brie is always popular, as is the chèvre.  The Roquefort is more daunting since it is a sheep's milk cheese and has a lot of green mold running through it.  Only a half dozen students were brave enough to try it.  One of those actually loved it, I think the rest will stick with Brie going forward.  
    Looking ahead, when we come back from Spring break we will continue in Chapter 5 of Bien Dit, which focuses on pass times and sports.  We will finish up the year with Chapter 6, which focuses on food and dining out.  I find it odd that a FRENCH textbook waits until chapter 6 to address this all important subject.  But it will be a nice way to end the year.
    It will be hard to say goodbye to this always entertaining, bright and sweet group of students! 
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  • New Classroom! New Material! New Quizlet!

    Posted by Eileen Armstrong on 11/4/2013
    Today we're moving into room E-3, our new classroom home.  It will be nice to be able to spread out and create an environment that really saturates the students with French language.
    Since the beginning of school we have been in review mode.  This week we will start to tackle new material.  Students in French 1 at Dublin High cover Chapters 1-6 of Bien Dit.  We will do the same.  Last year we completed Chapters 1-3, so this week we will crack open Chapter 4.  I hope that the review we have completed in the first quarter will provide a strong foundation as we move forward.
    Also new to our class is Quizlet.  It is an online software program which allows students to practice and review vocabulary with online flashcards (with pronunciations included) and a variety of games.  I sent an invitation to each student's Dublin Unified gmail account inviting them to join Quizlet, but only a couple have done so thus far.  So, I will instead provide them with a link to the site which they can use to sign in with the email account of their choice.  I have heard good things about Quizlet and I hope they enjoy it.
    Hard to believe the first quarter is behind us.  Full steam ahead.
    À la prochaine!
    Eileen Armstrong 
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