• Eagle News

    Volume 1

    4th Grade Newsletter

    September 2019

    Teacher’s Note: 

            It’s hard to believe we are already in our 4th week of school! We are well into the swing of our curriculum.  We are beginning our Box Tops For Education. Each one is worth money for our school, so please begin to bring them in!

           As a reminder, all math tests given in class will not be sent home. A progress report with the grade will be sent home with your child after the test has been reviewed in class and remediated if necessary. All tests must be housed in your child’s testing binder in their classroom to protect the security of the test, as they are used schoolwide. Also remember that all performance tasks and end of unit tests may be reviewed in your child’s text book at the end of each chapter. The actual  scored performance task uses the same skills with very similar numbers.



    Ms. Betando, Mrs. Burrell, Ms. Cisneros, Mrs. Freschi & Ms. Moore

    English Language Arts: 


    This month in ELA we will begin our  reading curriculum Benchmark Advance. Unit 1 will focus on:

    Essential Question: How can government influence the way we live?

    We will be working on reading skills such as identifying main idea, summarizing and  learning to annotate using our new curriculum. We will also be using R.A.C (restate, answer, cite) written answers to answer short answer questions to comprehension questions. 


     Our writing focus for trimester 1 will be to be to write a personal narrative.  Students must focus on a “small moment” story from their life. We are just beginning to work on engaging beginnings and starting our writing pieces. We will continue to “fine tune” each element of the narrative writing standard and encourage parents to ask your child  what they are learning and writing each day. 


      Oral Language presentations (OLP’s) are just beginning. Please be sure to check the schedule sent home to check when your child’s presentation will be. Please be aware that categories for your child’s OLP should be different each time they make their presentation. For example, if they chose a science experiment for their first presentation, they should choose a different topic category the next time.

    This month in math we are finishing our work on topic 4: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers.

    Topic 1: Multiplication & Division will be our primary focus for the bulk of the month.  Towards the end of the month, we will begin to work on Topic 2: Generate and Analyze Patterns.

    Topic 1 :Multiplication and Division: Meanings and Facts

    Topic Essential Questions:

    • • How can patterns and properties be used to find some multiplication facts?
    • • How can unknown multiplication facts be found by breaking them apart into known facts?
    • • How can unknown division facts be found by thinking about a related multiplication fact?
    • Please have your child practice their multiplication facts. We will having periodic multiplication quizzes in class (if your teacher has not already begun) to keep your child’s math facts fresh


    Social Studies:


    Upcoming Dates...

    We have been learning about the different regions of California and how diverse our state truly is! We will continue to investigate

    How California’s communities are alike and different?

    Wow!!! We are learning some amazing things this month!! We are learning…

    *Internal & External Plant Structures 

    September 3 Labor Day No School

    September 11 Kona Ice sold after school

    September 27 Character Trait Assembly


    Please remember if you would like to volunteer for any event in your child’s classroom this year, you must fill out the necessary paperwork to return to your child’s teacher. 

    Thank you for sending in all of your child’s school supplies!