• EAgle News

    Volume 4

    4th Grade Newsletter

    November  2018


    Teacher’s Note:

          Happy November!   This month starts the 2nd Trimester.  We are kicking off the month with our students sharing their best work, successes, and goals they set for themselves at parent conferences.   We appreciate you taking the time to come in and celebrate our students. In class we are continuing our Response to Intervention groups focusing on writing and using the strategy RACE - Restating the question and Answering it, Citing text evidence, and Elaborating on what they read.  This is a short month as we hope you enjoy a week off. We have much to be thankful for and wish you a relaxing, healthy, and fun Thanksgiving!!!


    Miss Betando, Mrs. Burrell, Mrs. Emig and Mrs. Freschi


    English Language Arts:


    This month in ELA we began a Unit on Observing Nature asking the essential question “How Do We Respond to Nature?”  Students are working on identifying key details and determining the main idea, summarizing, compare and contrasting, identifying figurative language in our writing (personification and idioms), and reading and responding to poetry.   

           Our writing focus for trimester 2 is informational writing.  Students will begin to learn the different features of an informational piece.   We will focus on organizing and developing our writing by incorporating sections with headings and subheadings and adding interesting facts, details, charts, diagrams, and more.   

           We began our second round of Oral Language presentations (OLP’s). Please be sure to check the schedule, as well as the topic list to ensure that your child chooses a different topic than they did previously.  Students are encouraged to plan ahead and practice, so they feel comfortable with their presentation and make ample eye contact with the audience! Many students enjoyed making slideshows for their presentations, which really helps to bring their presentations to life!  One tip is to create a slideshow that mainly has pictures/visuals and few words. This way, the student will speak about the important information, and the audience can stay focused on the speaker...rather than reading all the words on the slideshow!

    This month in math we are working on Topic 7 and Topic 8:  Multiplying by Two Digit Numbers. Please make sure your child memorizes multiplication and division facts.  

    Topic 7 : Number Sense:  Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

    Topic Essential Questions:

    • • How can greater products be found mentally?
    •    • How can greater products be estimated?

    Topic 8: Developing Fluency: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

    Topic Essential Questions

    • • How can arrays be used to find greater products?
    • • What is a standard procedure for multiplying multi-digit numbers?


    Social Studies:


    Upcoming Dates...

    This month we are learning about the first inhabitants of  California. The Native American tribes. Students are learning about  what region they lived in, their shelter, food, clothing, rituals, and interesting facts.  In addition, they will be able to compare and contrast the different tribes and how they lived.    


    Thank you to those who contributed to our field trip fund.  Without your support, we would not be able to go on our wonderful field trips. Our field trips bring our history to life and create lasting memories for our students.  If you have not donated yet, it is not too late. Please send in your donation in an envelope with your child’s name. You can send cash or write a check made out to Kolb ASB.  Thank you!

    We will resume our science curriculum next month with a Unit on Energy.


    November 2

    Minimum Day

    November 5

    Start of the 2nd Trimester

    November 5-15

    Student Led Parent Conferences

    November 7


    November 12

    Veterans Day- NO SCHOOL

    November 16

    Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL

    November 19-23

    Thanksgiving Break - Happy Thanksgiving!

    *School ends at 2:00 pm on Collaboration Days