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    4th Grade Newsletter

    January  2021


    Teacher’s Note: 

          Welcome back to school after the holiday break! Hoping your holidays were restful, fun-filled, and filled with memories! We are back into the swing of things here in 4th grade, ready for the second half of the year!

    During these cold months, please be sure to have your child practice and polish  their R.A.C.E. strategies in reading and their multiplication and division facts for math. We are moving on to harder skills in math, so if your child needs to practice, we encourage them to log onto IXL.



    Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Burrell, Ms. Moore, Ms. Cisneros and Mrs. Freschi


    English Language Arts: 


    This month in ELA we started a three week non-fiction unit that focuses on the essential question, “How do we make decisions about developing new technology?” Students will be reading about real-world technologies, continuing to work on inferring skills, determining key events to write summaries, and answering comprehension questions using text evidence to support their answers.

            Our writing focus for trimester 2 continues on students' personal narrative essays. Students will continue to write about a zoomed in moment, using details that show not tell and focusing on the heart of a story. Students will still be expected to use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar with this new writing style.

    This month in math we are working on finishing Topic 10 and beginning Topic 11: Fraction Equivalence and Ordering.  Please make sure your child memorizes multiplication and division facts.  

    Topic 10 : Developing Fluency: Dividing by 1 Digit Divisors

    Topic Essential Questions:

    • • How can repeated subtraction be used to model division?
    •     • What is the standard procedure for   dividing multi-digit numbers?

    Topic 11: Fraction Equivalence & Ordering

    Topic Essential Questions

    • • How can the same fractional amount be named using symbols in different ways?
    • • How can fractions be compared and ordered?

    Social Studies:

    Upcoming Dates...

    Social Studies will begin this month. We will begin by exploring the regions of California, comparing and contrasting the attributes each holds in our state. 

         We are looking forward to learning more about the state we live in!. 

    January 18

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No school

    January 29th

    Sports Team dress up day!