Your child can access his or her gmail account from any computer.  
    1.)  Type in gmail in the Google search engine:  last name and last four digits of student id @mydusd.org (no spaces) 
    2.)  Username:  lastname and last four digits of student id (no spaces)
          Password:  Each child created their own password
    3.)  The nine box icon, or the "Waffle," in the right hand corner is where they can find their Google drive with saved documents
    Students will get more training on how to use their google account.  This email is strictly for school use only.  Any abuse of this privilege will cause your child to lose their gmail account.
    You can access our math book online.  Students must log into their gmail account.  The should click on their waffle and then scroll down to "More."  Then they scroll down and click the Pearson icon.  In addition to accessing their book, your child can also review each topic with an animated lesson.  You can also print math homework pages, if you misplaced your workbook.  You can also practice math skills with fun games.
    You can access the math online website ixl to practice fourth through sixth grade math concepts.  Students can log onto ixl through their Clever account.  They should type in Clever in the search engine.  They will need to choose their school (Kolb), and log in through their Google Account.  They may have to type in their school gmail address.
    You can access your child's science book online, so you do not have to cart the text book back and forth weekly. The website is:  www.harcourtschool.com  I have assigned a generic username and password to everyone.  The username is FSTUDENT131 and the password is n9n3r.
    You can access the new typing program,Typing.com.  Students can access the website through their Clever account, as well as other fun learning sites like Scratch, Code.org, etc.