• Technology Services is taking major strides to improve the management of user accounts and devices. All student & staff accounts are automated from databases. You can change your password for the network or Google via Self Service Reset Password Portal (SSRPM).

    Instructional Software must follow district guidelines in response to Dublin's LCAP and agreed Board of Trustees adopted Curriculum. Please complete and submit to your Principal or Department Lead the Instructional Software Approval Form.
    Access for all students: 
    Dublin offers gently used laptops from our partner EWaste Direct to eligible families. Students attend fixit clinics prepped with a free operating system (Ubermix), Google Chrome, and our students are trained on how to manage their gently used laptops so they can achieve their learning objectives 24/7.  Nice work for this collaboration between Student Services, Integrity in Action, and EWaste Direct to insure our students are all on an even playing field! Fixit Clinic Laptop Specs: http://content.etilize.com/user-manual/1013017972.pdf 
    We have partnered with EveryoneOn to offer low cost ($10.00 monthly) at home so all students can access resources online 24/7.  Learn more here: http://www.everyoneon.org/dublin. Rotary Club in Dublin has donated to this great cause so we can support some of our neediest families with this service.  Interested in donating to this cause? Call Traci at 925-719-0600.

    Samsung Chromebook (1st Gen) Update:

    Technology Services has received numerous reports of damaged Chromebooks-- mainly missing keys and broken screens. Technology Services will repair in-house or purchase replacement parts for these damaged units at its discretion. For example, a Chromebook in great working order with a damaged screen may be considered for repair, because the monetary investment would keep a great machine in circulation. However, a Chromebook with a damaged screen and multiple keys missing would not be repaired because the cost of parts would exceed the value of the machine. Units deemed beyond repair will be replaced with the new Lenovo Chromebook or the current standard. Sites are welcome obtain replacement keys on their own if repair is outside this scope.

    To report damage, please submit a help desk ticket with the cart number, classroom, and device number.