Dear DUSD Parents/Guardians,

    In our efforts to streamline the process to get our students back in the classroom, we have made significant changes in the way we gather information on your students to begin the new academic year.

    As you are aware, we instituted a new process called the Annual Data Update, which takes place online through our Parent Portal.

    This process must be completed before your family heads to your schools site(s) for Fall Check-In.

    We encourage you to use a computer and printer with an internet connection (not a smart phone) to complete this process. Preferred browsers are Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

    Before you begin, please gather the following information if it has changed:

    • Household information – address and phone numbers
    • Parent information – work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
    • Student information – demographic and health/medication information
    • Minimum of two (2) emergency contacts – phone numbers, email addresses

    Your Portal inbox should contain a message for you to complete your Data Update. The online portion of the process allows you to complete and print out district forms, and verify and update information about your primary household.

    You will then need to visit your school site’s web page for additional information and forms required for Fall Check-in. You will also find the form for a Secondary Household on the school websites. (Infinite Campus is not able to collect this data through the portal at this time. However, by submitting the Secondary household form we will input the data manually to be sure both households are communicated with.) 

    Note: Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, and the district will receive the data exactly as it is entered. Please be careful of spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Dates should be entered as MM/DD/YYYY and phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx. Be sure to finalize your application by clicking on the 'Submit' at the end of the process.
    During the process of your data update, please be sure to complete and print the Student Emergency Health Form for each student as this is required at Fall Check In for ALL Students DKA - Grade 12. When you have completed your Data Update, for elementary students, please print out the summary and bring along with the Student Emergency Health Form to your school’s Fall Check-in to verify you have completed your Annual Data Update.