• Online Registration - Frequently Asked Questions
    1. I have a Portal Account and do not remember my username and password. How can I get that information or get my password reset?
    Please call your school site secretary or email your first name and last name along with your student's full name and date of birth to PortalHelp@dublinusd.org. Please allow 24 hours for a response to your email before calling or sending another email.
    2. I am a new parent, how do I create a portal account?

    After you have taken your documentation to your school to complete enrollment, you should receive an email with an activation code. Once you receive that code you can set up your parent portal account.
    3. The system will not allow me to input information or shows a blank screen.

    This may occur if you are using Internet Explorer. It is best to avoid using Internet Explorer as your internet browser for this process. Using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are your best choices.
    4. What if I don't have a computer at home?

    Our School Offices are equipped with a computer and printer available for parents to use starting from first week of August 2015. There will be computer kiosks available at every school site if you need to complete your Annual Data Update and are unable to do it at home. There should be printers available at each school site to print your paperwork as you prepare for Fall Check-In.
    5.  If I have already registered an incoming Kindergarten or Developmental Kindergarten student, do I need to go through this process?
    6. I am a new family to the Dublin Unified School District. Where do I start?
    Please go to the Dublin Unified School District website and click on the 'Registration' tab. Click on the 'Online Registration' option. All information pertaining to New Family Registration will be available on the Quick link located on the left side of the page.
    7. I am moving to Dublin, do I need to complete an Inter District Transfer? 
    No. If you are going to be living in Dublin and you want your child to attend school in Dublin, an inter district transfer is not needed. You will just enroll and register your student using the online process. 
    8. Will my child be guaranteed a spot at their school of residence?
    Depending on enrollment numbers, your child may be diverted to another school within Dublin. Should we not be able to resolve an over-enrollment situation, children will be diverted to the closet elementary school with space. The district's diversion policy calls for the "last student enrolled will be the first student diverted."
    9. I already have students in DUSD, what do I do if I have not created my Parent Portal account as yet?

    You must create a Portal account before you can register your child for the upcoming school year. Please do so ASAP as this process must occur before you can complete the Annual Update. To request an Activation code for creating a Portal Account, email PortalHelp@dublinusd.org.
    10.  How do I delete any Emergency Contact that I do not want to list during the Annual Data Update/Online Registration process? The process prevents me from deleting the Emergency contact.
    Do not list yourself (Parent/Guardian) as the Emergency Contact.
    A student is required to have a minimum of one (1) Emergency Contact. During Annual Data Update or Online Registration Process, if you have more than one Emergency contact for your student that comes up, please fill in all the required fields first. Once you are in the Students information tab, to update any information for your student(s) you can delete any emergency contact that is no longer applicable.
    11. I do not have the address of the Emergency Contact. The system does not let me proceed without entering this information. What do I do?
    The address is a required field in Emergency Contacts. If you do not have the Emergency Contact's information, it is recommended that you obtain that information and enter it. You can actually save until this point and resume your Online Registration or Annual Data Update process when you have your information ready for entry.
    12. Can I save the information until a certain point and resume the Online Registration / Annual Data Update process?
    13. What should I do if there is no 'Online Registration....' message in my Portal inbox?
    Please check to make sure you are logged into the Parent Portal using your own Username and Password. Do not log in using your Student's login. Please note that the Online Registration/Annual Data Update is only available for Parents.
    14. I am a new family to the School district. I have applied for Registration and awaiting for a status on my application. What is the next step that I can do while waiting to hear status on my application?
    Please visit your Resident School's Website and click on the headline that says 'Fall Check-In......'. This will give you information about the process of the Registration, the Fall Check-In dates at the School as well as additional documents, procedures etc. that you can get ready with prior to Fall Check-In. Schools will open August 6 and at that time, you can take the required documentation to the school to complete the enrollment process. 
    15. I finished registering but forgot to print my summary page or would like to print it later. How can I get the summary page again

    If you reach the end of your update and are not connected to a printer, you can save your document as a PDF on your desktop and then print later when you are connected.

    Please follow these steps to get to your Confirmation page with the Summary of your Registration or Data update information.
     1.       Open your Parent Portal
     2.       Go to your inbox
     3.       Click 'Online Registration for currently enrolled students'
     4.       Registration Year should show up as '15-16'
     5.       Click begin registration
     6.       The message should show that you have completed your Online Registration process. And down below should be you 'Application Summary PDF'
    You can print this in order to bring it to Fall Check-In.
    16. I still have question(s) that I do not find an answer to in this FAQ list. How can I receive some help?
    Please read this FAQ in it's entirety. It is possible that your question has been answered in one of the questions in this document. If not, please call your school site secretary or send an email to PortalHelp@dublinusd.org. Please allow 24 hours for a response to your email.
    17. Where will the message appear so I can start the Online Registration process?
    If you have a Portal Account, you should be able to access the message saying 'Online Registration for Currently Enrolled Students' in the Inbox of your Messages starting June 22. If you do not have a Portal Account, you should create one ASAP. Please see Question # 8 above.
    18. Some of the information on my household data is incorrect as I go through the Online Registration process. And I am not allowed to make corrections. How can I make the corrections.
    The Portal fields are to be updated through the Online Registration Process. For any data that you are unable to change in the Online Registration Process, please note that the Portal fields will be available for update a couple of weeks after school starts. You will then have the opportunity to make the changes to the fields that you need to correct.
    Please do not let this stop you from completing the online registration for your student(s).
    19. What is the next step after completing the Annual Data Update/Online Registration process?

    Please remember that once you have completed your Annual Data Update in the Parent Portal, you must go to your school site website to access additional forms that need to be completed, printed and brought to Fall Check-In.

    20. Why do I have to enter Emergency Contacts information again, even though I had entered them last year?
    Over the past year, it is possible that these have changed. Hence, it is essential to have the most current information regarding the Emergency Contacts.