• Ms. Betando’s Policies and Procedures



    Please have your child at school on time with the necessary materials.  Your child should arrive no earlier than 8:10 each day. There will not be supervision on the playground prior to that time.  The first bell is at 8:20, and the students are expected to line up at the classroom door. Dismissal time depends on the day of the week.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, dismissal is 2:04. Thursday and Friday is 3:04.



    Music class is on Wednesdays.  Students will go to class with Mr. Herscowitz. every week.



    Students will get some form of P.E. every day. On Fridays, students will do P.E. with Ms. Clabaugh. On the other four days of the week, I will do a shorter P.E. time with the students. Please make sure that your student wear athletic shoes that they can comfortably run in every day. 



    Students visit our school library once a week.  Every Tuesday, students will get to check out books.  Students are held responsible for bringing back their books each week.  If students are not done with a book, they may renew the book only if they have the book with them.  If books are lost, students will be fined and must pay the school. Books need to be brought to school first thing Monday morning. Students will also get released from the Library on Tuesdays.



    Much of what goes on in class cannot easily be replicated at home.  It is understandable that illness and emergencies come up, so if your child is sick or has to miss school, I will send home whatever work can be completed at home upon his/her return.  Please send the work back to me when it is complete. Any independent study requests (student gone for 5 to 10 days) will have to be approved by the principal and must be requested 10 school days prior to departure.  The first step to getting an independent study is to approach Ms. Schmidt in the office. Remember that breaks are built into the school year. You should really try to take your vacations during those times. Think about what you are teaching your children when you take them out of school to go on vacations. 



     Kolb follows four school-wide rules:

      1. We will follow directions with a positive attitude
      2. We will listen when others are speaking
      3. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves  (Personal Space)
      4. We will use good manners and appropriate language


    Snack Recess

    Please try to send “healthy” snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers & cheese, sandwiches, yogurt, bagels, rice cakes, etc. for our 10:30 recess.  Please make sure that your child knows what they should eat at snack time. This will eliminate full lunches being eaten at snack time.


    Lunch Money

    Lunches may be purchased in advance by sending a check to the office before 10:00 a.m. to be applied to your child’s lunch account.  Please place the check in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, room number, and amount on it. There is a box in the front office to drop off these payments.  (Please DO NOT send money to school with your child as it is easily lost and creates longer waiting times in the lunch line.) You may also go online to the district webpage and add money to your child’s account. 


    Lunch Drop Off

    If your child forgot their lunch, a parent can drop off a lunch in the lobby of the office on the cart marked for fourth grade. Lunch needs to be dropped off before 12:10. We are trying to foster responsibility. Try to use the drop off cart as a last resort and not daily. 


    Kolb Folders 

    The Kolb folder is my communication tool between home and school.  Students should also use these folders to transport homework. These folders will be sent home every day and should be returned the following day.


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be sent home on a daily basis.  Students copy the homework into their Minder Binders every day.  Please check your student’s Minder Binder on a regular basis. Homework will have the following main parts: 

    • Math - Students will do a page of math every day.  They have taken their math workbook home. It is expected that students do not lose these during the year.  The district does not buy extras. Math is due daily, Tuesday through Friday.
    • Vocabulary - Students will have a list of vocabulary words that they will complete an assignment for every night. The week’s vocab is due on Friday. There will also be a quiz on Friday for these words. 
    • Oral Language Presentations - Your child is responsible for preparing a 2-3 minute oral presentation approximately every other month.  They will do 4 total throughout the year.
    • Other - Your child may have some special assignments throughout the year. Sometimes it will be to complete workbook pages, research something, complete a task, etc.


    Classroom Volunteers

    In order to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips, you will need to be cleared in the front office. This requires a volunteer form and a copy of your driver’s license.  I use volunteers for several different jobs. Please refer to the volunteer sign up if you would like to volunteer. 


    Field Trips

    The fourth grade teachers have planned exciting field trips this year. For the safety of our students, Dublin Unified has the following field trip policies:

    • All students must turn in a signed permission slip.
    • All volunteers must be cleared through the district. 
    • All drivers must have the proper insurance coverage and give a copy of the insurance policy which states coverage to the school in advance.  Clearance for chaperoning and driving must be completed at least one month in advance. Please do this now if you think you might want to be a driver later in the year.  It saves us time and stress later on.
    • All students must have their own seatbelt.  Students may not ride in the front seat.
    • A non-cleared parent/guardian cannot show up at a field trip site and plan to join in on the trip.  Any parent/guardian leaving with their child must have cleared this with the teacher in advance.
    • If you are driving/chaperoning for a field trip, you may only go to the destination and back.  There should be no stopping for lunch, snacks, gifts, etc.
    • Please do not purchase anything for the students while on the trip. 
    • Please keep in mind that due to restrictions placed upon us by the destinations, each trip is only allowed a limited number of parent chaperones.  


    Math Timed Tests

    In order for students to be successful in math this year, all students need to master their multiplication and division facts.  To ensure this, math timed tests will be given twice a week. 



    Birthdays are special.  However, in an effort to limit sweets and respect food allergies, we will not be allowing any food to celebrate birthdays. I also ask that you do not send in any nonedible favors like pencils, toys, stickers, etc. for the class. We will acknowledge all birthdays on the actual day with a song and a small gift from me. 

    **Students may NOT bring party invitations to pass out during school unless they are inviting the whole class.  If only certain students are being invited, invitations should be passed out discreetly after school.


    Bringing Items from Home

    Please remind your child not to bring toys, game cards, etc. to school.  If a student brings something not allowed at school, they will be reminded to leave it at home.  If it becomes a recurring thing, the items might be taken and kept until the end of the school year.  While students may need to carry a cell phone for parent communication purposes, phones should never be taken out of their backpacks during school hours and must remain off.


    Newsletters/School Communication

    Monthly newsletters will be sent out (via email) to keep you informed of various reminders and classroom activities.  In an effort to save paper, the majority of my home/school communication will be done via email. If you do not have access to a computer, please let me know.  The PFC also sends out a monthly email blast that you must sign up for.  


    Receiving Test Scores

    In Dublin, teachers are not allowed to send tests home. To receive your child’s test scores, you will need to check your child’s Minder Binder on Fridays. I will write down their scores there. You are welcome to make an appointment to view your child's test any time. 


    Parent/Teacher Communication

    If you have any questions for me during the year, feel free to send me an email at betandoashley@dublinusd.org.  You can also hand me a written note before or after school, and I’ll get back to you asap. If you need to talk in person, we can set up a meeting time through email. 


    And Finally…

    I look forward to working with you and your child this year!


    Many Thanks

    Ms. Betando