It is important that your child has appropriate shoes for P.E.  Boots (of any kind), crocs, sandals, slip-ons are not safe for participation.  
     If your child does not have correct shoes, he/she may not be able to participate and will reflect grade.  Your child may bring their shoes to change in before PE.  Please remember, when it rains, we still have PE.  If your child wears rain boots, he/she needs to bring appropriate shoes to change in on their PE day.
    If your child is unable to participate in one PE class, then a parent note is needed in order for that non-participation to be excused.  Please email me before school or send a note with your child to school to give to me.
    If that non-participation is carried over into two or more consecutive classes, then a doctor's note is needed for it to be excused.  The doctor's note should include what the student may or may not do and for how long he/she needs to be excused from PE.
    *4th & 5th Grade Physical Fitness Tests