• ELL Program Goals

    The primary goal of the English Language Learner program in the Dublin Unified School District is to develop proficiency in English and in the district's core curriculum as effectively and as rapidly as possible.

    Identification and Placement

    Parents registering their students in Dublin USD must complete a Home Language Survey which contains the following questions:

    The California Education Code requires schools to determine the languages spoken at home by each student.

    1. Which language did your son/daughter learn when he/she first began to talk?
    2. What language does your son/daughter most frequently use at home?
    3. What language do you most frequently speak to your son/daughter?
    4. Name the language most often spoken by the adults at home.
    5. What year/grade did your child first enroll in a school in the USA?

    This Survey is available in many other languages, so parents can fully understand what they are being asked.

    If any of the responses to the first three questions is a language other than English, California Education Code requires that the child be assessed within 30 days of enrollment, using the state-designated assessment instrument, the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). Overall English proficiency on this test is identified in one of the five categories:

    • Beginning
    • Early Intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Early Advanced
    • Advanced

    The appropriate placement and educational program for each student is determined by this assessment.

    Each student is further assessed in his/her primary language (if available) within 90 days of initial enrollment.

    Parents are notified in writing of their child's test results, the recommended instructional program for their child based on the assessment results and their option for seeking parental exception waivers from those plans. If they need translation services to fully understand this information, one will be provided for them; these waivers require written informed consent on the part of the parent, an annual request for the waiver and a personal visit to the school to apply for it.

    Instructional Program

    All English Language Learners in elementary grades (K-5) are required to have at least 30 minutes of ELD instruction daily, and access to core curriculum through instructional methods that are more readily understandable than the regular mainstream English classroom. This is accomplished by placing them in classrooms with CLAD credentialed teachers who are trained to use SDAIE (Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English) methods.

    At the secondary level (6-12), ELL students will be scheduled into an ELD class on a daily basis. Whenever possible, they will also be scheduled into Sheltered English, Math, Science, and History classes staffed by CLAD certified teachers. There is also an ELD tutorial for students who need extra help in order to meet the criteria for reclassification.


    English Language Learners who have developed adequate proficiency in English will be redesignated as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) when they can meet the following criteria:

    1. CELDT sub scores and overall scores in the Early Advanced or Advanced ranges.
    2. Scores on the California standards Test in Language Arts in the proficient or advanced ranges.
    3. Report Card scores/grades for Language Arts of "2" (elementary) or "C" (Secondary)
    4. Teacher Evaluation of student's academic performance.
    5. Parent notification and approval.