• FitnessGram Testing
    Test Overview 
    Each year students are tested in March on their fitness level by taking part in the standardized state test called the FITNESSGRAM. The test evaluates the following:
    Cardiovascular Endurance (Mile or Pacer)
    Upper Body Strength (Push Up)
    Abdominal Strength (Curl Up)
    Flexibility (Sit & Reach, Trunk Lift) 
    Click onto the following videos to view the proper testing form:
    All students have completed a pre-test for the FitnessGram test that takes place at the end of March. Complete the following report card and return to class (10 points):
    FitnessGram Standards
    Detailed FitnessGram Standards can be found on the following link which are based on age.
    Fitness Tips to Improve & Definitions
    Check out the following link to get more information on how you can build a fun and successful workout plan.
    Heart Rate Information