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    Video Production

    Dublin High School                                                                                           Video Production

    Visual & Performing Arts                                                                               Mr. D’Ambrosio


    Course Syllabus


    Instructor: Michael D’Ambrosio                                                

    Phone: (925) 833-3300 x 7140                                                 Website: www.gaelsvb.com

    Email: dambrosiomichael@dublinusd.org                               Twitter: @gaelsvb


                            Course Policies

    Course overview:
    The students in the class will be given the opportunity to write scripts and to create and produce short films, segments, promotions and other forms of media content. The goal is for students to learn to tell a complete and meaningful story using the mediums of creative writing and video productions. Students will learn the necessary production values (content knowledge and skills) to produce media as well as the elements of story telling and script writing. This course introduces the students to the process of editing digital video and audio using Adobe Premiere software. The students will learn how to import digital video, combine video clips by means of cuts and transitions, add titles to video sequences, and output a finished product.



    Students are expected to complete their assignments so the whole school can enjoy their creations, and showcase the great things we are doing in this class. Please know you can always contact me with any questions you may have. The best way to do this is  email.


    The purpose of Homework in Video Production is to film possible features that can not be filmed during school hours. Those these are rare there are times students will need to film commercials, interviews, or vignettes to complete their assignment after school hours. There is not a Homework grade for this course due to the fact that it is tied into their assignment that is turned into the class.  


    Students’ grades will be assessed on the production of the video shorts, short films, other video projects, their recorded evaluations in their journals and on the demonstration of their knowledge and skill in video productions. Students will present their portfolios at the end of each quarter to the instructor for a one-on-one evaluation.


    Grade Scale:

    1.     “A”  90 – 100 “C” 70 – 79 “F” 0 – 59

    2.     “B”  80 – 89 “D” 60 – 69


    Evaluation: Students will generate an E-Portfolio by creating a Google site. Each student will put their assignments on their personal site, as well on the server for evaluation.


    Important Dates

    Film Finals Due: April 28th                                    Film Festival: Thursday May `18th


    I look forward to a great year!

    -Mr. D’Ambrosio