• Dublin Unified's Emergency Procedures Plan


    The Dublin Unified School District has closely reviewed emergency plans, including procedures and protocols, as well as communication with employees, parents, and the community. This guide will help parents understand the student-release process and ensure families are safely and efficiently reunited after an emergency or disaster.  

    Keys to success

    • Keep your child's emergency information up-to-date in the Parent Portal.
    • Review the district's communications protocols to understand how you will be contacted in the event of an emergency.
    • Have current, valid identification of parent or alternate designated adult (i.e. family, friends, neighbors) who might be picking up your child.
    • Review emergency procedures with your students.
                                                                   Emergency Communications

    In the case of an emergency, you will receive accurate information from the District, via:

    • Our website - The District’s webpage has an “Emergency Alert” page, which will be activated in the event of an emergency. Our web address is www.dublinusd.org.
    • Email - You will be contacted via email through our Infinite Campus system, based on the email addresses you provided to us via Parent Portal during the Annual Data Update
    • Phone Call – Based on the level of the emergency, we may contact you via the Infinite Campus automated phone messenger where you will hear a recorded phone message with important information or instructions that may direct you to the district website for additional information.
    • Social Media - Our District will use social media vehicles such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate in fast-moving situations.
    • Mobile App - Our DUSD Mobile App has a push notifications features which allows us to post short messages regarding an emergency situation. Please download our Mobile App to your smartphone to receive these alerts.
    • Local Media - We will work closely with local media to keep our community informed of the situation.

      Other Key sources of Emergency Information

    • AC Alerts - Community Alerts from the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services. Sign up here to link your cell, email for emergency alerts. 
    • Nixle - Sign up for "Resident" Alerts from a variety of local agencies in the case of emergency

     How You Can Help Us To Prepare For An Emergency 

    Your child's school needs parents to:

    •  Immediately update the Parent Portal your child's emergency information whenever changes occur.


    • Make sure you have provided names and contact numbers of trusted adults who can pick up your child and who live close to the school. 


    • Make sure that the name and contact information for your child's pediatrician/health plan is up-to-date.


    We Will Need to See Your I.D. 


    Current and valid identification with a photograph is needed at the school site when a parent or trusted adult signs for your child.

     The identification can be either:

    • A valid California driver's license or identification card

    • Any current identification with a photograph and a name


     Important Things to Remember In An Emergency

    •     The No. 1 priority of our staff is the safety of your students. Staff members are not allowed to leave school premises in an emergency until all students are cleared from school sites.


    •     Each of our school sites has emergency supplies on hand and staff who have been trained to deploy them.


    •     Please do not contact your school’s main line. For the sake of student safety, we must keep these lines open for use by regional safety officials. You may hear directly from your student about pick-up procedures.


    •      Updated information will be provided on the district website at www.dublinusd.org and on DUSD Social Media vehicles (see links above).


    •     When picking your child up at a designated site: 

             - Bring your patience. We will need your cooperation.

             - Do not block driveways, which may be in use by emergency responders and do not block red curbs.

             - Follow your school's procedures.


    •     Discuss with your child responsible use of their mobile phone/social media during an emergency situation. Disseminating inaccurate or unconfirmed information can make a difficult situation much worse.


    •     Important note: In the event of a declared Shelter-in-Place or Emergency Evacuation/Relocation, students will remain at school sites until a parent or parent-chosen responsible adult signs for and picks him/her up.