Pilates, Yoga and Dance Class Syllabus
    Location: Dance Room

    Pilates, Yoga, and Dance Class Syllabus Click HERE


    Students will be able to learn the basic movements of Pilates, Yoga and Dance, as well as develop lifelong practices for effective stress relieving and relaxation techniques.  Students will also be able to learn the valuable skills of creativity and collaboration as they work with their classmates to develop Pilates/Yoga/Dance combinations or routines, in a safe, respectful and fun learning environment.

    Class Overview:

    Dance - Students will be guided through learning rhythm and counting the beat of music, line dances, teamwork/group dances and creating choreography in a positive and safe environment.
    • Some of the dance styles taught may include: basic dance steps and positions, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Zumba, Jazz, Hip Hop, Multicultural dancing (Tinikling), other dance forms of student interest
    Pilates - Students will learn the origin and health benefits of Pilates (such as flexibility, abdominal strength, concentration, breathing techniques, injury prevention, improved posture etc.) and the correct technique of movements.
    • Some of the basic Pilates movements students will learn are: Pilates 100, roll up/down, one leg circle, rolling like a ball, leg rocker, corkscrew, scissors, stretching

     Yoga - Students will learn the correct techniques of basic movements of Yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques, how to flow through a sequence of Yoga poses smoothly, and the various muscles engaged or stretched in some poses.

    • Some basic Yoga Poses students will learn: downward dog, warrior, tree pose, bridge pose, triangle, seated twist, cobra, mountain, child’s pose, side plank, extended side angle

    Class Procedures:

    To ensure students success in obtaining these objectives, students will follow all of the school rules described in the Fallon’s Minder Binder/Student handbook.  In addition to those school rules are my specific classroom rules.


    AttitudeStudents must have an optimistic and positive attitude in class, ready to learn and work with others.

    Respect Being respectful means active listening to the teacher or classmates when speaking, caring for others, admiring all abilities and maintaining an inclusive mindset.  Most importantly respect the teacher/student teachers, classmates, and the equipment.  

    EffortEach individual must give their 100% best effort at all times, this means that each person will be at different skill/talent levels in pilates/yoga/dance, however as long as you do your personal best that is what matters.

    ~  At times throughout the class students will be pushed out of their comfort zones and this is exactly where the learning happens.  I encourage each student to do their best and smile. 

    Injury/Illness (Note Policy)

    Students must adhere to the Physical Education Injury/Illness Note Policy located on my teacher website.

    Students must come to class wearing clothing that is comfortable, and not restrictive to movement.  Clothing also must be modest and following the school dress code policy.  If students would like to change into athletic/physical education clothes they are welcome to do so.


    This class will be graded on participation and completion of all group or individual movement/written assignments.  As long as you attend class, participate with full effort and have fun you will do just fine in this class.  When you are absent from class, you must make up your participation points by completing an absence log for each day missed (40 minutes of physical activity signed by a parent).  The absence activity log is located on the PE website under documents.  You must turn in all absence logs and make up work by the end of the quarter.


    Syllabus signed & due to Mrs. Volk