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    Any ideas for coverage in the yearbook?  

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    • Yearbook wants your photos:

      • Do you have great photos from school events, games, lunch or in class?  

      • We'd love any photos as you prepare for Homecoming

      • Photos from club meetings and events

      • Sports action shots - from games or practices

      • General student life photos - hanging out, lunch, in the Hub, at rallies, etc.

      • Cool activities/presentations/labs from your classes would also be great - ask your teacher for permission first.

    • If so, please share with the yearbook.  You can upload your photos straight to the yearbook staff.   

    • Go to http://www.hjeshare.com/eShare/Index.jsp and enter our school code 07153.  You can also download the app and upload straight from your phone.

    • Please send us un-edited photos (no effects, filters, etc) as these do not reprint well in the book

    ATTENTION CLASS OF 2021 - it is time to schedule your senior portraits! 
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