• Math
    We will be using the Scott Foresman enVisions MATH (also referred to as Pearson)- a text book for in-class, directed instruction.  An accompanying workbook is used for daily homework assignments.  Please go to the Online Resources tab in the menu for directions on how to access the text book online. 
    We will sometimes use the district adopted Benchmark program.  This program covers fiction and nonfiction reading material, as well as other genres like poetry and reader's theater, grammar and writing skills.  Students will be reading with the teacher in homogenous small groups in addition to reading their consumable books individually, with partners, or as a whole group.
    We will support the Benchmark program with core literature to teach Language Arts standards.  The core literature books we will read together in class are:  Shiloh, Island of the Blue Dolphins, By the Great Horn Spoon, and Esperanza Rising.  Students will read these stories in class and at home. 
    Your child will be given time in class to read silently books of his/her choice.  During this time, I will be conferencing with your child to assess comprehension and progress and assist with reading strategies.   
    DUSD recently adopted the Writer's Workshop program developed by Lucy Calkins.  The three genres of focus this year are:  narrative (specifically, realistic fiction), informational and opinion (persuasive) writing.  We will also incorporate writing throughout the different content areas.  
    Social Studies-  "Our California"  
    We will use the Scott Foresman social studies series in class.  Much of your child's work will be done in your child's personal, consumable workbook.  Students will have a chance to complete a California Project in the Spring.  As mentioned, two of our field trips, the Oakland Museum of California, and Sacramento, directly correlate to our study of our great state.
    We will continue to use the science series by Harcourt.  The program also includes a lab component.  Please refer to the Online Resources tab in the menu for directions on how to access the text book online.  The state also recently adopted new Science "Next Gen Standards."  Some topics shifted to third or fifth grade, and we have included new standards to fourth grade as well.
    Our class will have access to COWS (computers on wheels) at least once a week to work on a variety of skills and activities, including keyboarding, web-based games and learning tasks such as using Google Drive to publish work, internet research for informational writing, etc.  We will have Physical Education on Mondays and Fridays.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately with the correct clothes and shoes on these days.  Music classes are on Tuesdays.  Band classes are to be determined.  Please know that your child will be pulled out of class for instrument instruction, and it is your child's responsibility to make up any class work missed.