• Where can I go for help with my homework?

    DHS HUB in the Library            

    PE - You may pre-arrange with your PE teacher to report at 7 am on Fridays to run the track to make up points lost in your PE class that week.

    All other subjects - CONTACT your teachers! They will help you, but they can’t read your mind. Ask them when you can have a time to talk with them to get assistance.

    Study Skills Online Class - take a free online class through BYU.  Course includes learning styles, using your time effectively, how to use a textbook as a teacher, listening and note taking, preparing written work, and how to prepare for tests and quizzes.  Log onto elearn.byu.edu.  The course number is PDEV 080 (no grade or credit will be given for the class).


    Great Websites for Study Tips

    www.how-to-study.com and www.testtakingtips.com/test

    Time Management and Studying Resource Guide


    Off-Campus Tutoring Resources:

    Chegg Definitions Get Definitions of Key Concepts and Terms from Chegg. In every subject, there are many of these that are crucial for students to know and understand.

    Please also check Chegg Prep, a brand new FREE service which students can easily use to find, create, share and study flashcards for any subject without a monthly subscription.