• Athletic Registration 
    You must register your student online through the Athletic Clearance site listed below. Registration is required before a student can try-out or participate in any sport. Athletes must also have a current physical on file, which is good for one year from the date of the exam. Please download the physical form and have it filled out by your doctor. Once compete, please upload the physical and complete the online registration through Athletic Clearance.com. The online registration forms are sent electronically to Mrs. Tammy Gaynor, Student Activities Secretary.
    If your student plays multiple sports, physical forms & registration can be transferred from one sport to another (within same school year), but you must register your student, using Athletic Clearance.com, for every season & every sport they wish to participate in. 

    ASB Disbursement Form
    ASB disbursements are payments by check. A check can be requested by a club or team to pay for an invoice, quote or to process a reimbursement.

    ASB Deposit Form

    Fundraising Request Form
    Every fundraiser must be approved by the Student Activities Director, Mr. D'Ambrosio. Each fundraiser is calendared to prevent overlapping. 

    Marquee Message 
    Would you like to place a birthday post on the marquee? If so, the cost is $20.00 for three consecutive days and the form is available below or in the Student Activities office. Minimum one day notice is recommended.
    Marquee Message Form
    Student Parking Permits 
    DHS Seniors who would like to park in the DHS parking lots during school hours must purchase a parking permit and complete an online Parking Permit Application. Carpool parking permits are also available. There is a seperate Carpool Parking Permit Application and it must be turned in to the Student Activities Office. Applications are required and they must be completed before a student can pick up his/her parking permit. 
    During Gael Check-In, parking permits will not be distributed. They will be available for pick up during the first week of school in the Student Activities Office. Students must bring their driver license with them to pick up a permit.
    Please Note (new for 19-20 school year): Parking permits are for Seniors only. Due to limited parking, Seniors will have priority, then it will open to Juniors, based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis.

    Volunteer Driver Form
    If you would like to become a volunteer driver, please fill out the volunteer driver form. Volunteer drivers must be at least 21 years of age, must possess a current, valid California driver’s license and must carry minimum liability insurance coverage on their automobile. Volunteer drivers must provide proof of this automobile liability insurance by attaching a copy of the insurance declarations page to the volunteer driver form. A copy of the driver's license must also be attached. Once complete, please turn in to Student Activities.