• District Optimization Committee (DOC)


    The District Optimization Committee has a history of advising the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent on a wide range of matters that affect the quality of education for the school district’s students. The work of the DOC is framed by the District Vision – “All Dublin Students Will Become Lifelong Learners” and focused on meeting the goals of Vision 20/20 the current District Strategic Plan.

    Potential Areas of Study 

    • Demographic trends in Dublin and the impact on our schools
    • Options for managing increasing student populations at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels i.e. boundary changes, capacity increases, magnet programs, grade level configurations, etc.
    • School Modernization / Revitalization Plans
    • School environmental issues
    • Other issues as identified by the Board of Trustees
    • Communication efforts on these topics in the community

     Guiding Principles 

    1. The DOC will study issues identified by the Board of Trustees and develop recommendations as appropriate for the Board’s consideration through the Superintendent.

    2. The DOC will make every effort to reach consensus on the option(s) that are brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration.
    3. The DOC’s work shall not be biased by special interest groups or by a vocal minority who have specific interest of agenda. 

    Charge to the Committee for 2014-15 

    1.  Develop norms and protocols for the operation of the DO
    2.  Receive training from staff and consultants regarding:
    • District Demographic Trends – Five Years and at “Build Out”
    • Current Educational Programs (CCSS and SBAC)
    • Local Control Funding Formula / Local Control Accountability Plan impact on budget and program priorities
    • District technology needs and plans to meet educational program goals
    • Long term district facilities needs and plans
    • Other environmental issues impacting Dublin School
    1. Develop options for dealing with district growth over the next five years.  Options should be developed for:
      Elementary; Middle; and High School
    2. Develop recommendations for communication efforts regarding the options developed in the community. This may
      include: social media and web-
      based communication, community forums, surveys, and focus groups.
    3. It is assumed that the information received in the training sessions will assist DOC members in developing options
      that best meet the needs of all 
      Dublin students.

    This important committee will help shape the future of Dublin schools and have a meaningful impact on the programs that are provided to our students.
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    DOC 2014-15 Members

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