• Business Services

    Business Services' mission is to provide the highest quality financial supports, procurement services and operational assistance for the students and staff of the Dublin Unified School District in an expedient, efficient manner through the District's Accounting, Budget, Payroll, and Purchasing Departments.

    We strive to improve services to our students, staff, Board of Education, and community by planning and simplifying all fiscal related activities including facilitating accurate and timely communications, and supporting innovative and visionary thinking within a climate that respects human dignity.

  •  Department Contacts

    Associate Superintendent
    925-828-2551, ext. 8041 
    Fiscal Services Director
    925-828-2551, ext. 8045 
    Accounting Manager
    925-828-2551, ext. 8125
    Administrative Assistant
    925-828-2551, ext. 8042 
    Purchasing Manager
    925-828-2551, ext. 8132
    Purchasing Coordinator
    925-828-2551, ext. 8043
    Payroll, A-L
    925-828-255,1 ext. 8047 
    Payroll, M-Z
    925-828-2551, ext. 8048 
    925-828-2551, ext. 8095
    Accounts Payable
    925-828-2551, ext. 8044 
    Accounts Payable
    925-828-2551, ext. 8126 
    Accounts Receivable
    School Fees
    925-828-2551, ext. 8049 
    Account Receivable
    Account Tech. IV
    925-828-255,1 ext. 8046