Inter District Transfer General Information

  • Inter District Transfer Requests
    (NOT required for NEW families moving into Dublin - please follow links for New Family Registration from the home page)

    Please note: If you move out of Dublin anytime during the school year, you MUST complete an inter district transfer request from your new district in order to continue attending school in Dublin Unified. This needs to be done within 14 days of moving or your student may be dropped.  

    Requests for students to enter DUSD must originate in your students district of residence. 
    INCOMING REQUESTS:  Note to Parents requesting to enter DUSD from another district:
    Do not withdraw your child from their current district until you have received the
    signed & approved form  from Dublin Unified School District.
    If you are requesting to leave DUSD to attend school in another district for any reason, you MUST bring the completed Inter District Transfer form to the Student Services office at 7471 Larkdale Ave before taking it to your requested district.  The district must sign off on it and will send it to your requested district by our office.
    By skipping this step, you risk the chance of your request being denied (as an incomplete application request)
    Update: December, 2011
    Due to changes in the law, students living in Alameda County who are continuing in their current school in DUSD for the 2016-2017 school year DO NOT need to complete a new inter district transfer request unless they are transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle to high school. Students living outside Alameda County will need to submit a new request each year.
    If you are living within Alameda County and you have an approved, signed inter district transfer request on file you do not need to fill a new one out for 2016-2017 unless your student is transitioning to a new school (for example 5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade). If your student is moving from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school then you WILL need to complete a new inter district transfer request for 2016-2017.
    New requests: Be sure your student is enrolled in their district of residence until you hear from us in writing that the request was approved.

    Inter-District Transfers (coming in from or going to another district - transferring from one district into/out of Dublin)

    A parent or legal guardian of a Dublin Unified School District student may request a transfer for that student from this district into another by obtaining an Inter-district Transfer Request form from Dublin's district office or by clicking here. The parent or guardian shall submit it to the District Office. Once received, the director in charge shall process the request and submit to the district of choice. 

    NOTE: An Inter District transfer is NOT needed if you are moving into Dublin and your children will be attending school in Dublin.
    Steps to Completing Inter-District Transfer Request:
    Requesting INTO DUBLIN
    1. Obtain Inter-District transfer form from your school district of residence. 
    2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form)
    3. Submit to your resident school district for approval. 
    4. Typically, they will send it to DUSD. Depending on the district, they may allow you to hand carry to DUSD. 
     Requesting OUT OF DUBLIN
    1. Download Inter District transfer form (on side of page)
    2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form)
    3. Submit to Dublin Unified School District Office, Student Services (7471 Larkdale Ave, Dublin) for approval
    4. DUSD will process and send to the requested district.We do not accept walk in requests. All requests are sent from DUSD to the requested district. 
    5. The requested district will then notify you of their decision. 
    Note: You will be contacted by DUSD only if your request has been denied. If you are inquiring as to the status of your request, please contact the district in which you are requesting a transfer into.  
    Transfers From Another District

    NEW Requests: If you are transferring from a nearby district, or moving from another state, you must bring to the registration documentation indicating that your child is properly immunized. We cannot allow your child to attend school until we have this documentation. If you do not have this documentation, it is acceptable to provide us with a copy from your child's school records.  Please do not un-enroll your student from their current school until you have received an approval letter from DUSD.

    Additionally, if your child has any special needs, or has been receiving special educational services, a current IEP must be attached to the request. 

    If you live in Alameda County, once approved, the transfer is in effect through the 5th grade for elementary, 8th grade for middle school and through 12th grade for the high school. If you live in another county, requests must be renewed each year.