Inter District Transfer General Information

  • Inter-District Transfer Requests

    Inter-District Transfer Requests are required when you wish to attend school in a district that is not your district of residence.

    • Inter-District Transfer Requests must originate from your district of residence. 
    • Inter-District Transfer Requests are not required for NEW Families moving into Dublin. 
    • If you move out of Dublin anytime during the school year, and would like to continue attending DUSD, you MUST complete an Inter-District Transfer Request, originating from your new district, within 14 days of moving. (Failure to do so may result in dis-enrollment from DUSD.)
    • Do not withdraw your child from their current district until you have received the signed & approved transfer form from Dublin Unified School District.
    • Students living outside Alameda County will need to submit a new request each year.
    • Alameda County Residents on an Inter-District Transfer do not need to complete a new Transfer Request annually. 
      • A new Transfer Request will need to be filled out when transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle to high school.   

    Steps to Completing an Inter-District Transfer Request:

    Requesting INTO DUBLIN
    1. Obtain Inter-District Transfer Request form from your school district of residence. 
    2. Complete form and attach necessary documentation (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form)
    3. Submit to your resident school district for approval. 
    4. Typically, they will send it to DUSD. Depending on the district, they may allow you to hand carry to DUSD.
    5. The Transfer Request will be reviewed by DUSD Administration who will notify you, in writing, of approval/denial. 
    Requesting OUT OF DUBLIN
    1. Complete and submit the Inter-District Transfer Form attaching all necessary documentation, (as outlined on page 2 of Alameda Co request form).
    2. DUSD will process and send the form to the requested district. We do not accept walk in requests. All requests are sent from DUSD to the requested district. 
    3. The requested district will then notify you of their decision. 
    Inter-District Transfer Application - OUT OF DUBLIN ONLY
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