Steps for Starting a Student Club at Fallon

  • So you want to start a club; GREAT!  There's no deadline; you can start a club anytime.

    1.  Every club must submit an Application, Budget, and Constitution each year, even if this is a continuing club from last year.

    2.  Go to your grade-level Google Classroom to find the current forms for starting a club in the 19-20 school year.  If you don't plan to fundraise or spend money, please indicate 'not applicable' (N/A) or something similar on your Budget form.
    3.  Decide where, when and how often you'll meet.  Write a description of what your club is all about.  Fill out your forms and print.
    4.  Find a faculty advisor for your club.  He/She doesn't have to be one of your teachers; any Fallon Staff Member who's supportive of your club can be your advisor.  If you want parents to help during club time, they must submit a volunteer form and a copy of their Driver's License to the office and get cleared.
    5.  Turn in your completed forms to the ASB window.  Our school Principal, the Student Council, and the Activities Director need to review and sign your application.  Student Council meets once a week, during Wednesday's lunch.
    6.  Advertise!  Make a few posters to let students know about your new club.  Posters need to be approved in the office before they're put up on campus.
    7.  Have fun!  Thanks for starting a club at Fallon Middle School