• How Our School Got Its Name
    The Dublin Unified School District began working on the process of name selection for E-4 (Amador Elementary School) in April of 2012. The E-4 Naming Committee was formed in the fall of 2012 at the direction of the School Board. The committee followed the established guidelines and conducted research on possible names. By December of that year, they had met several times and submitted a list of names to the Superintendent and School Board for consideration.
    The Recommended Names were:
    1. J.M. Amador Elementary School,
    2. Alamilla Springs Elementary School,
    3. Virginia S. Bennett Elementary School
    4. Minnie Martin Hansen Elementary School. 
    The next steps were to conduct public hearings, which was completed and the name selection was J.M. Amador Elementary School.
    Below is some information about Jose Maria Amador. 
    jm amador
     amador pg 1
    Amador pg 2