• Elementary Counseling: Focus on prevention

    Prevention relies on education.  Through health education we’ve learned to become more aware of our bodies’ needs and to develop positive health habits to improve the quality of our lives.  Similarly, education counseling assists parents and children to become more aware of emotional needs, to overcome self-defeating habits, and to improve the quality of relationships.  Prevention also involves timing.  Children face greater pressures as they approach adolescence and make decisions which significantly shape their future. 

    Strengthening family relationships, improving communication, teaching self-efficacy, resiliency, and helping children develop positive feelings about themselves and of school will reduce the risks of destructive behavior in adolescence.  Counselors, teachers, and parents working together as a team can help children develop the skills, and emotional resources they will need for a successful and fulfilling future.


    Why do we have Elementary School Counseling?

    • To aid in the development of positive feelings about self and school
    • To provide early intervention for emotional or social problems which might interfere with learning
    • To aid in developing self-awareness and meaningful social participation
    • To foster communication among children and between the child and their parents
    • To provide opportunities for children to explore their thoughts and feelings and to learn to respect those of others
    • To assist parents in problem-solving and understanding the dynamics of child growth and development
    • To provide help with behavior change and crisis intervention as needed