• My name is Lucy Ledford and I am looking forward to teaching second grade again at Amador Elementary School. I have taught third grade for 17 years back in Geneva, Illinois, and have been here at Amador for five years. While teaching in Illinois I became certified in Acceleration/Enrichment. Prior to this I had been an educational consultant for a major textbook company. I traveled across the United States to show teachers how they could use our programs in their classroom. In this position I also conducted workshops at national conferences to demonstrate for teachers the latest instructional methods.


    It will be an exciting year! Each student will grow from the primary level at the beginning of the year to be an independent learner at the end of the year, ready to take on new challenges.


    The curriculum is great as well! We will read classic literature such as Sarah, Plain and Tall and use mathematical thinking to solve problems. In science we will cover Earth, Life, and Physical Science, and in Social Studies we will study geography, land forms, and people and communities such as Dublin . The thread that ties it all together is the Common Core. Having been on ELA and Math Common Core committees for three years, it is rewarding to see these standards being put into practice.


    I look forward to working with you this year in helping your child further his/her academic and social progress. Feel free to contact me anytime at ledfordlucy@dublinusd.org