Future High School Concept
    Future High School Site



    Fall 2022: Proposed opening date for the first phase (1,000 seats) of a future high school.

    Location: Empty parcel of land between Central Parkway (North) and Dublin Boulevard (South) where Grafton Street and Finnian Way intersect.


    Status of Land Acquisition: During the February 26, Board meeting, district staff and legal counsel stated that the eminent domain action continues to move forward. The District has a verbal agreement with the owner to go to mediation. The District has deposited the probable amount of compensation, based on the appraised value of the property ($29.01M), into court. The property owner can settle and withdrawal the money at any time. If an agreement is not made, litigation drags on, and the school site design is ready to go, there is a statutory process to gain possession of the site before a final judgment so that the construction process can move forward and timelines are kept. Board president Miller asked if there was any doubt about the District's ability to acquire the land, and legal counsel said there was not. A video containing the full update can be found online at http://bit.ly/DUBD-BV-22619 . You can jump to the specific segment addressing the high school by clicking item "F1" on the agenda. 

    June 19, 2019: DUSD Facilities Workshop scheduled to review and prioritize projects and budgets. The future high school will be part of this discussion. The workshop starts at 6:30 p.m. in the District Office Board Room. 

    May 29, 2019: Architect firm SIM-PBK presented revised concepts to the Board based on ongoing community input. The firm is now waiting on direction from the Board regarding some key design areas. For more details, download the most recent presentation and watch the May 29 Board meeting video.

    Download: May 29 presentation 

    Board Video: May 29 meeting (Item D1 in the agenda)

    May 15, 2019: The Dublin Unified School District invited the community to provide input on the latest designs from architect firm SIM-PBK. Read the letter to the community for details.

    Download: Community Letter 

    May 8, 2019: The Dublin Unified School District held a Special Board Meeting/Facilities Workshop, where it reviewed the status of many projects, including the future high school. During the review of the future high school project, architect firm SIM-PBK shared three new design concepts based on community feedback. The materials that were presented can be downloaded below. We have also provided a link to the video of the board meeting (future high school discussion begins at the 57:00 mark) so that critical context is available. We highly recommend reviewing the presentation and video at the same time.

    Board Meeting Video: http://www.pbtech.org/clients/dublin_cc/dublinusdw05082019.html

    Download: Facilities workshop presentation

    Facilities Workshop  Facilities Workshop  Facilities Workshop  Facilities Workshop  Facilities Workshop

    May 8, 2019: Cottonwood Creek students reviewed design concepts created by architect firm SIM-PBK. These six designs were based on stakeholder input received over the last month


    May 7, 2019: Wells Middle School students reviewed six design concepts created by architect firm SIM-PBK. These six designs were based on stakeholder input received over the last month

    WMS  wms  wms  wms  wms

    May 2, 2019: Dublin High School students reviewed six design concepts created by architect firm SIM-PBK. These six designs were based on stakeholder input received over the last month


    April 30, 2019: More than a hundred Fallon Middle School students reviewed six design concepts created by architect firm SIM-PBK. These six designs were based on stakeholder input received over the last month. 

    FMS High School Meeting  FMS High School Meeting  FMS High School Meeting  FMS High School Meeting  FMS High School Meeting

    April 22, 2019: During the April 22 meeting with the community representative group at Fallon Middle School, David Iwanaga and John Smith from architect firm SIM-PBK presented six updated high school design concepts based on input received from staff and community stakeholder groups over the last month. These six new concepts will be reviewed at various school sites and during the Facilities Workshop on May 8 at 5PM in the district office board room. The new concepts are part of the ongoing process of seeking stakeholder input in an effort to develop an educational specification that will result in the final high school design. In the attachment, slide 2 shows site easements, slides 3-12 show images from the stakeholder charrette activity on April 16, and slides 13-18 show six new design concepts based on stakeholder input.

    Download: Presentation from April 22 community meeting

    April 16, 2019: Parent and community representatives providing input for the future high school design conducted a mini "charrette" with the architects at Fallon.

    Future-High-1  Future-High-2  Future-High-3  Future-High-1  Future-High-6

    April 11, 2019: Stakeholder meetings were held with the following internal audiences: High School Counselors, Theater Manager, Athletics

    April 11, 2019: A stakeholder meeting was held at FMS with the following audience: Parent and Community members 

    April 11, 2019: Stakeholder meetings were held with the following internal audiences: Special Education, M&O/Custodial, IT Dept., Clerical Staff

    March 29, 2019: Stakeholder meetings were held with the following internal audiences: CTE, PTLW, Librarians, Tutoring

    March 28, 2019: All Dublin community members are invited to participate in a public forum with SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga to provide input about priorities for the design of the school and suggestions for opening Phase 1 in 2022 with 1,000 students

    Download: Community input findings

    March 28, 2019: Stakeholder meetings were held with the following internal audiences: Child Nutrition, Art Teachers, Science Teachers, and Lab Support

    March 27, 2019 -- April 12, 2019: SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga will meet with DUSD staff to gather input for specific design features of classrooms, specialized learning facilities (e.g. art, music, Special Education) athletic facilities, administrative facilities, food service areas, and other specialty areas

    March 21, 2019: Parents invited to participate on the Educational Specification Design team met with SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga to explain the design process, describe the constraints of the property on the design of the new facility, gather input about priorities for the design of the school, and answer parent questions.

    High School Design  High School Design  High School Design  High School Design

    March 21, 2019: SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga provided an update on the design process to staff at Dublin High School during an informal lunch meeting.

    March 7-14, 2019: Almost 150 community members completed a short application to participate as part of the Educational Specification Design team.  School site administrators and parent leaders reviewed applications from their communities and recommended participants. District leaders worked with the architect to expand the number of parent participants on the design team from 25 to 50.

    March 8, 2019: SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga and district staff met with City of Dublin staff to identify all constraints on the development of the property that could impact the design and placement of facilities on the parcel.

    March 7, 2019: Initial Educational Specification meeting held at Dublin High School. SIM-PBK partner David Iwanaga met with classified and certificated staff representatives from both Dublin High School and Valley High School to explain the design process and answer staff questions about the timeline and process for design and construction

    Download: SIMPBK Architectural Services Presentation

    March 7: District-wide email communication sent regarding the ability to participate in input sessions for the new high school

    Late February 2019: Current Dublin High School and Valley High School staff members were invited to complete a survey


    November 13, 2018: Board asked to approve SIM-PBK Architects to provide architectural services in response to Request for Proposal 18/19-101 for the first phase of a future high school. Review of the conceptual animation showing what a new Dublin high school at the Promenade site might look like. [Conceptual animation video]

    September 25, 2018: The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to move forward with the acquisition of the Promenade site for use as a future high school. [Additional information] (Items H1, H2)

    July 17, 2018: A Special Board Meeting took place where two resolutions that were part of the process of acquiring the Promenade site were reviewed. [Additional Information] (Items G2, G3)

    June 12, 2018: The Board of Trustees approved the Promenade site as the location of a future high school. [Additional Information] (Item I5)

    April 10, 2018: During the April 10. 2018 Board meeting the Board approved the reinstatement of an amendment to the Right of Entry Agreement for property inspection and testing purposes at the Promenade site. The Board also approved contracts with Placeworks for a CEQA review, and with Terraphase Engineering for a limited phase II environmental investigation. Investigation of the property is required before the District can purchase the site. (Item J5)

    February 6, 2018: The Board of Trustees heard directly from the CRC as they presented their findings and answer questions about their work and corresponding report. (Item D1)


    August 23, 2017: Dublin Unified Trustees set capacity and initial funding allocation for future high school. [District Press Release]

    August 22, 2017: Measure H funding plan and prioritization based on DK-12 capacity needs analysis and suggested capacity for the future high school project discussed during regular Board meeting. (Item H1)

    August 8, 2017: the Dublin Unified School District initiated the formation of a Community Review Committee (CRC) to assess, analyze and explore options related to the plan for a future high school in the Dublin Unified School District. The CRC was comprised of 18 members representing stakeholders from across the district, chosen largely by fellow community members. The CRC worked under the direction of the Future High School Project Manager, a qualified professional from outside the District who served as a liaison between the committee and the District/Board of Trustees. The Project Manager, Doug Gephart, was hired in a temporary consulting role, and was not a voting member of the committee. (Item F2)

    May 23, 2017: Regular Board meeting held at DHS Sports Complex. (Item D1)

    February 1, 2017: The Board of Trustees eliminated four sites from the potential sites for a future high school in Dublin and directed staff to begin negotiations on remaining sites. Eliminated sites included: Camp Parks, Fallon Middle School, Croak Property, Chen Property. The Zeiss property on Hacienda and Gleason was added to the list. The Board of Trustees directs negotiations to begin for second high school site. [District Press Release]


    November 29, 2016: The Board of Trustees received a presentation from staff publicly outlining the property analysis process and the progress of site review. The Board provided direction to Facilities Staff regarding next-level analysis of sites, including appraisals, total project costs, budget updates, impacts to the City and funding sources.

    November 15, 2016: The Trustees were provided a Closed Session update that included analysis of price and terms of sale that would be required for building a future high school facility in Dublin. The analysis was the result of more than 1,000 hours spent by staff and consultants. Staff and Board members toured all sites. Staff has met with site developers, owners and representatives as well as the Division of State Architecture. Technical data was gathered for each property with regard to existing infrastructure and conditions.

    June 28, 2016: In a Work Study Session of the Board of Trustees, the Board examined potential property options for a second high school site. The Board directed staff to begin a next-level review on sites – specifically the cost to open a school on the site, the timeline to get an initial phase open and any program limitations or items that would eliminate a particular site. (Item D1). 

    June 7, 2016: Measure H passed by Dublin residents to fund various school-related activities, including the first phase of a future high school.

    April 2016: The District hosted Joint Meeting of the Dublin City Council and Board of Trustees in the DUSD Board Room to review the real property options for a second high school among other topics.

    April 2016: By resolution, the Board established amended priorities for the Measure H bond funding, including funding for the first phase of a future high school.

    March 2016: The final Facilities Master Plan was approved by the Board.

    March 2016: The Board approved the initiation of a $283 million general obligation bond measure campaign (“Measure H”) to provide facility funding to the district. [Resolution No. 2016-17-36]

    February 2016: Trustees voted on a recommendation by the Superintendent to begin the planning process to build a second high school in Dublin. [District Press Release]

    February 2016: The Board of Trustees invited the community to come to regular meetings and provide input on high school options via agenda items.

    January 2016: The Board of Trustees approved a contract with a new demographer, Davis Demographics.

    January 2016: The FMPC held a second community forum and a ranking activity was completed to refine the number of HS options being explored. Terra Realty began to identify potential sites and presented options to the FMPC.


    November 2015: Per the request of the Superintendent, the District solicited the services of a Real Estate Consultant to provide the guidance and expertise on property identification, assessment and negotiations as necessary. Terra Realty Advisors was awarded a contract to provide these services for the District.

    October 2015: The FMPC began monthly meetings to discuss the District’s facility needs, demographic trends, implementation of priorities and program cost/funding and scope of work. These meetings would continue through February 22, 2016.

    September 2015: The District held its first Community Forum as part of the Master Plan process and identified high school capacity as a focal point of the FMP process. The Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC) was formed to assist in the development of the FMP, provide input on conceptual master plans and prioritization of projects.

    July 2015: The Facilities Staff solicited proposals to hire a firm to partner with the district to prepare a comprehensive District Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to guide future school planning. The contract was awarded to LPA for the master planning process.


    2015/2016 Facilities Master Plan: Initial phase of new high school outlined as a top priority.

    If you have questions pertaining to growth in Dublin Schools, email them to communications@dublinusd.org.