• Name: Ashley Courtney

    Grade Level: 6th

    Subjects: 6th Grade Common Core Math (Course 1)

    Room: H-21

    Extension: 6037

    Email: courtneyashley@dublinusd.org

    Syllabus: Course Descriptions and Policies

    Math Center Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:10-4:10p.m. in Room B202 (click here for more information)

    Welcome to Course 1! Throughout the year, your student will expand his or her math knowledge through collaborative math tasks involving technology and real-world application. Homework is a nightly expectation so please check the homework list each day for links to assignments. You can follow what we cover in class by clicking the link to our daily agenda. Ms. Courtney updates the Parent Portal (online gradebook) frequently so please monitor your student’s grade closely.

    Suggested Supplies for Math Class:

    • Headphones/earbuds
    • Binder Paper
    • Calculator (basic functions: + , −, ×, ÷ )
    • Color Pencils, Markers or Crayons
    • 2 Composition Books (College Ruled)
    • Eraser
    • Colored Pen
    • Highlighter
    • Mechanical Pencils
    • Donations of Kleenex are greatly appreciated throughout the year!


    If you are interested in volunteering in your student’s class (quarterly, monthly or weekly) please email Ms. Courtney.


    About Ms. Courtney: Ms. Courtney attended the University of the Pacific for her undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as her teaching credential. Go Tigers! This is her 10th year of teaching. She loves teaching students how math applies to the real-world through engaging strategies and technology. When not teaching, Ms. Courtney enjoys traveling to Europe, Hawaii and southern California and also likes coffee, shopping and crafting!

    Online Math Resources:

    Online Textbook:

      • McGraw-Hill
        • Username: school email address
        • Password: Changeme1 (the C is capitalized)

    Skill Practice:

    Graphing website: Desmos


    Additional Resources:

     Community Resources: