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     Google Classroom Class codes

    Period 1 Statistics:  iad6oya

    Period 2 Statistics:  cazd2uj

    Period 3 Statistics:  duuoam5


    Period 4 Algebra 2:  c6bc354

    Period 5 Algebra 2:  nz32ki3 

    Contact Information:
        Room: Q-8
        Phone #: (925) 833-3300 Ext: 7052
        Email: tippitdarren@dublinusd.org
    Note - Please put "DPride" in the subject line of any email to bypass our school filter
    Class Schedule
    1st Period - Statistics
    2nd Period - Statistics
    3rd Period - Statistics
    4th Period - Algebra 2 S1
    5th Period - Algebra 2 S1
    6th Period - Prep 
    7th Period - Unassigned

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