• The Dublin Unified School District Health Services Department is responsible for the health needs of the students in the district. The DUSD has District Nurses who serve all of the students in the district and each school site has a Health Services Assistant (HSA) in their Health Office. A District Nurse is a licensed Registered Nurse who possesses a Public Health Nurse Certificate, has completed the additional requirements for and possesses a current credential in School Nursing, and is Master's degree prepared. District Nurses are uniquely qualified in the preventive health, health assessment and referral procedures for students within the school setting. They are in the position to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children.

    Parents can help in the success of their child by communicating with the District Nurse and HSA, any health related barriers, which may affect their child’s ability to learn. By identifying health- related barriers to learning and offering assistance in the removal or modification of these barriers, students can perform to the best of their ability. Often times, this is accomplished by working together with the student, their family, physician, teachers, and the school support staff.

    District School Nurse
    Zabi Habibi, RN  
    (925) 828-2551 x8036
    (925) 828-2551 x6512
    (925) 828-2551 x6439
    Health Care Technicians
    The Health Care Technician performs medical procedures under the supervision of the designated administrator and the direction of a credentialed School Nurse for students in school environments.
    (925) 828-2551  x 6318
    (925) 828-2551  x 5010

    Health Services Assistants
    A trained Health Services Assistant (HSA) provides care to the students who visit the School Health Office. Some of the activities provided by the HSA, under the supervision of the District Nurse, include first aid, medication administration, immunization compliance, and communicable disease control.
     School     Name  Phone
    Amador Elementary  Anna Heusler (925) 828-2551 x6715
    Dougherty Elementary Linda Tran                           x5887
    Dublin Elementary Helen Doyle                           x5015
    Frederiksen Elementary Laura Larsen                           x5215
    Green Elementary Kulbeer Jaggi                           x6615
    Kolb Elementary Sarah McPhee                           x6827 
    Murray Elementary Lisa Alvarez                              x5403 
    Cottonwood Creek K-8 Mona Kalany                           x6516
    Fallon Middle School Yoshiko Igarashi                            x6312 
    Wells Middle School Gity Kalany                            x6015
    Dublin High School Gilda Simonian                           x7015 
    Valley High School    Anna Prokopis-Vervilos                            x7936 

    Parents can help in promoting the success of their child by communicating with the HSA and District Nurse, any health related barriers, which may affect their child's ability to learn. By identifying health-related barriers, the School Nurse, HSA, Teacher, and support staff could offer assistance and guidance in removing or modifying these barriers, so that the student could perform to the best of his or her ability.

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