Welcome to Human Resources

  • The Human Resources department is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining outstanding certificated, classified and leadership candidates to provide a quality educational program and services for our students. A top priority of the human resources department is to maintain and promote efficient, consistent, and supportive employee/employer relations and services.

Department Contacts

    Interim Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    925-828-2551 ext. 8011
    Director Human Resources - Classified
    925-828-2551 ext. 8005
    Director Human Resources - Certificated
    925-828-2551 ext. 8013
    Director of Staff Support and Leadership Liaison
    925-828-2551 ext. 8017
    Robin Dillon-Lundie
    Staff Secretary I
    925-828-2551 ext. 8003
    Technician - Certificated
    925-828-2551 ext. 8007
    Technician - Classified / Hourly Employees
    925-828-2551 ext. 8012
    District Office Receptionist
    925-828-2551 ext. 8004
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