Maintenance and Operations Department

    The Maintenance department is responsible for maintenance and operations in the district including grounds, custodial and HVAC.

    Phone: 925.828.2551
    FAX: 925.829.0853

    Mission Statement:  The purpose of the Maintenance and Operations Department is to provide a clean, healthy, and safe teaching environment.  Studies have found that the achievement of students is improved from 9 to 14 percent if we provide a clean and well-maintained building for teachers to teach in.  We must evaluate all we do in the Maintenance Department on the basis that this service we provide enhances a student's ability to learn.  If we realize that we are all part of the educational team of the district, we see our assigned tasks as an opportunity, not more work.   The largest expense to the district is the cost to replace facilities.  It is the responsibility of the Maintenance Department to maintain the facilities and ensure we are able to meet the student's needs.


    Name Title Ext
    Freeda Bennett Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations 8062
    Tim Leal  Custodial and Operations Supervisor  8098

    Miranda Crawford

    Maintenance and Operations Technician 8060
    Janice Miklos Facility Use Secretary 8150