• To the Families of Frederiksen Elementary,


    In our continuing effort to provide for the safety of the children at Frederiksen School, we are updating a disaster safety plan to insure that we provide the safest environment for our students.  During any possible type of disaster or emergency scenarios such as police related emergencies, earthquakes, fires, or surrounding area hazardous spills, the Dublin Police and Frederiksen School staff members will have the responsibility of a security perimeter around the school that will not allow non-emergency services persons to enter the school grounds.  Our promise to all families is that we will take every measure possible to protect your child.


    It is impossible to foresee all the potential emergencies, but we are researching the most effective way to use our resources to respond immediately to those emergencies that cannot be avoided.  Any disaster will cause inconvenience to all of us.  We, as a school administrators, members of the School Safety Team and you as parents, share the responsibility of emergency response.


    We are implementing, plans to provide for the safe care of your child in the event of any type of disaster.  Our plan involves releasing your child to you when safe and as soon as possible.  The plan also includes measures to continue caring for our students if parents are at work or for any reason unable to receive their child.  We are working on the details regarding the safe and systematic parent pickup of all students. 


    IN MOST EMERGENCIES YOUR CHILD WILL REMAIN AND BE CARED FOR AT OUR SCHOOL.  In the rare event of an emergency affecting our school that prohibits entry into a building (such as a broken gas or water main) students and staff will be moved immediately to an alternate site (to be announced).



    1.                  Turn on radio or television.  We will keep the media accurately informed of any emergency

    ·        Local radio stations such as KKIQ 101.7 FM will be a good resource.

    2.                  Please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL!  We have limited phone lines.  These MUST be used to respond to the emergency.

    3.                  Please DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL (UNLESS NOTIFIED) TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.  Any emergency involving our school will require immediate access to the building by emergency vehicles and disaster workers.  When any police investigation is occurring, parents, or any other person not part of the police action WILL NOT be allowed on the campus or the surrounding areas.  The presence of other people on campus will just complicate the duties of the police, and prolong the reuniting of the students and parents.


    Our entire staff, teachers, office personnel, administrators along with Dublin Unified School District staff and the Dublin Police are currently working on improving  our plans and solutions to protecting all students at our school.  We will continue to conduct our monthly site drills and participate in districe/ county wide drills when they are available.  Your patience and cooperation is needed for a successful disaster and evacuation plan at Frederiksen Elementary School.