• Welcome to First Grade
    Anne Wiser
    Room 19


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    Please include your child's name and the word DPRIDE in the subject line of your email.

    Elementary School is an amazing school to be a part of. We are lucky to have an incredible community of teachers, parents, and children. Our community supports one another and we strive together to be the best at all we do. I feel lucky to have been a part of this community since 2003 and I am looking forward to many wonderful years to come. Teaching is my passion. I believe teaching is one of the most inspiring jobs and one of the most important jobs a person can have. There are few things more amazing than seeing the spark in a child's eye as they figure out a new skill and feel successful about themselves. It is my goal to pass on my passion for learning to your children so that I can help foster another generation of life long learners.
    “Remember that you are the windows through which
    your children see this world. Take notice of yourself and
    the things that you do in hopes that your example
    will stir their hearts and souls.”
    ~ Rayfield Wright