• School Site Council (SSC)




    The Fallon School Site Council (SSC) is composed of faculty members, parents and community members working together to maintain the best educational environment for our students. The School Site Council has the task of approving and monitoring the school's Single Plan for Student Achievement (our strategic plan). The strategic plan maps out our academic goals and action plan for the school year, as well as enrichment programs, parent and community partnerships, and wellness activities for students. The council regularly reviews the Single Plan for Student Achievement to ensure that goals, action items and resource allocations reflect the changing needs and priorities at Fallon Middle School.

    Meetings are held the second Monday of each month in Fallon's library from 3:30pm-4:30pm, please feel free to come join in the meetings, all are welcome.

    2017-2018 School Year Meetings
     Date  Agenda  Approved
     September  9/11/2017 Agenda  
     October  10/9/2017 Agenda 10/9/2017 Meeting Minutes 
     November  11/13/2017 Agenda  
    2016-2017 Members
    Chairperson Sobia Qureshi
    Vice Chairperson Subarnarekha (Barna) De
    Parliamentarian Hemal Parikh
    Secretary Terri Sharbach
    Principal Sheri Sweeney sweeneysheri@dublinusd.org
    Classified Faculty Member Mary Armanuse    armanusemaryann@dublinusd.org   
    Certificated Faculty Member    Barbara Barrett barrettbarbara@dublinusd.org
    Certificated Faculty Member Sarah Nice nicesarah@dublinusd.org
    Certificated Faculty Member Liz Buckley buckleyliz@dublinusd.org
    Certificated Faculty Member Terri Sharbach sharbachterri@dublinusd.org
    Parent Member Gary Bohanon     gary_bohanon@yahoo.com
    Parent Member Melissa Picache melissapicache1@gmail.com
    Parent Member Sobia Qureshi sobiamq@yahoo.com
    Parent Member Subarnarekha (Barna) De barnarak@gmail.com
    Parent Member Jose Martinez jmartinez1961@att.net
    Parent Member Hemal Parikh hemalpar99@gmail.com