• Leadership Employment Information
    Leadership positions are certificated and classified management positions which include Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent's, Director of Fiscal Services, Director of Educational Services, Director of Human Resources, Executive Director of Special Education, Director of Technology / Information Services, Senior Director of Facilities, Director of Maintenance, Assistant Director of Special Education, Director of Child Nutrition, Coordinator of Ed Services, School Site Principal, School Site Assistant Principal, Project Manager, Technology Supervisor, Maintenance and Operations Supervisor and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.
    Credential Requirements
    All certificated leadership positions require appropriate and valid California credentials. Placement for all positions on the leadership salary schedule is negotiable and includes additional, annual stipends for masters and/or doctoral degrees.
    Application Process
    Applicants must submit applications with the required attachments through Edjoin.
    Once a posting closes, all applications are reviewed and paper screened. Applicants who meet the position requirements will be invited to interview. Once interviews are completed, finalists will be selected and all other applicants will be notified. If a position is not filled from the initial pool of applicants, the vacancy may reposted.