• C-3 News 8-23-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 8/23/2019

    Dear C-3 Families,

    Happy Friday!  I wanted to let you know about a few things that we are currently learning in class.  
    Writing: Students are learning how to write a narrative with a compelling beginning, supporting details, and a solid conclusion.
    Reading: We are in the process of learning and practicing the routines and skills needed to participate in a successful Reader's Workshop.  Students have been practicing: active listening, following directions, quick and quiet transitions, writing a thorough response to our reading, and author's purpose (to entertain, inform, or persuade).
    Our read aloud is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
    Small reading groups and spelling/vocabulary will begin the week of Sept. 3rd.  Students will take their spelling and vocabulary words home each Monday.  They can also be found on our spelling city site.
    Math:  We are learning about Number sense, number lines, and rounding.  Our topic 1 test will be on Thursday.  Your child should know the following:
     *standard form, expanded form, word form
     *How to find the halfway number on a number line
     *How to round to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand
    At the bottom of this email, I am attaching instructions for how your child can log into our math Pearson Realize site from home.  They can access their text book, practice pages, and online practice games from this site.
    Technology: Your child has glued their Google Username and password into the their Minder Binder.  They can access all of our class sites by logging into their school Google account and going to our Clever link.  If they log in this way, their logins and passwords for most of our class sites (such as IXL Math) should automatically generate.  The only exceptions are Pearson Realize (our math text) which I am including the attachment for and Spelling City (which I included the link for above).  They are also not able to take AR quizzes from home.
    Cultural Museum: Next Friday is our Cultural Museum!  Please see the info handed out in your BTSN folder.
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
    "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
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  • C-3 First Week News 8-16-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 8/16/2019
    Dear C-3 Families,

    What a FABULOUS first week of the school year!  Our C-3 family is so sweet, kind, and focused.  I can already tell we are going to have a super year together.  
    I will always send a weekly email on Fridays (sometimes on Thursday) with news, announcements, and curriculum updates.
    Curriculum Updates:
    Reading: Our focus will be on determining the main idea and supporting details as well as the author's purpose.  As readers, we are working on the strategies of active listening and questioning. Students will also learn to annotate as they read.
    Read Alouds this week were:
    One by Kathryn Otoshi- This looks like a simple story but it has a strong and powerful message. We had a very thoughtful class discussion as we read. 
    How Full is Your Bucket? By Tom Rath - This was a read aloud to kick off our C-3 Bucket Fillers, which the class will do all year long.
    Discover Yourself  By our very own Hsiao-Yen (Nova's mom)
    Every day, we practice Mindfulness and Metacognition and focus our thoughts on the positive.  We do this for 5 minutes after coming in from recess.  This week, we thought about the things we are grateful for in life.
    Cursive practice will start on Monday!
    Math: Our first topic is Number Sense.  We will learn about number lines, the halfway number, and rounding, as well as place value and problem solving.  
    Writing: We will start Writer's Workshop on Monday.  We begin our writing unit with a focus on personal narrative writing and using compelling beginnings.
    Social Studies: Government
    Each Friday your child will bring home a Friday Folder filled with some of the work they have completed that week, AR scores, and other reports and/or assessments.  This will start next Friday.  Each weekend, please look over your child's Friday Folder work and sign their Friday Folder log with any comments or questions you have for me.  This should be returned on Monday.  
    Also, your child will be writing a letter to you about their week.  They will keep this in a Friday Journal that they will bring home every Friday and back to school every Monday.  Please read your child's letter in his/her Friday Journal.  Write back if you can.  

     I wanted to include a typical daily schedule for C-3:

    Morning Warm Up (Review and preview of 3rd grade skills)
    Reading Lesson
    Reading Groups (Differentiated reading groups/vocabulary/spelling)
    Mindfulness/Metacognition/Journal Writing
    AR Reading/Annotating Nonfiction
    Science/Social Studies/Art
    End of the Day Reflection Circle
    If you signed up to volunteer in class, please let me know if you are available to start next week (You must have already turned in your clearance paperwork to the office).  If you were cleared to volunteer last year, I believe you are still cleared.
    Please email me anytime with questions/comments.  I will let you know as soon as I receive information about the BTSN make up date.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
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  • C-3 Open Monday, Aug. 12th 10:00-11:00

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 8/11/2019
    Dear C-3 Parents,

    Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend before the kids head back to school. I  wanted to remind you that the classroom will be open from 10:00-11:00 tomorrow (Monday) morning if you'd like to drop off your supplies and see the room.  I can still remember how anxious and excited I'd get to start each school year and seeing my classroom, meeting my teacher, and finding out where my desk would be was always consuming my thoughts leading up to the first day.  I am hoping to ease your child's first day jitters by opening the room early.
    During this time, I will also make available the sign-up sheets that I will have out for BTSN in case any parents want to sign up for anything early.  I know some of you might not be able to make it to BTSN on Thursday.  There will be sign up sheets for: November conferences, parent classroom volunteers, at home helpers, Project Cornerstone, Junior Achievement, Room Parent, and Yearbook Photographer.
    Most of all, I look forward to meeting you and your child.  It's going to be a wonderful year together!
    Carley Kennedy
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  • C-3 News May 3, 2019

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 5/3/2019

    Dear C-3 families,

    Happy Friday!  We are in our last month of the school year - so hard to believe!  While the year is definitely winding down, our work in C-3 is not.  We are very busy!  
    Career Project - In your child's folder today, you will find the packet for their Career Report.  They need to complete the notes at home (Due by Wednesday, May 8th).  We will be doing the technology part of the project in the classroom using Google Slides.  Each student will present their project during one of the presentation days (See the packet)
    Tea Party - Our Tea Party will be on Friday, May 17th from 11:00-12:00. Please see the information our Room Moms are sending out for sign-ups.  The ladies and gentlemen of C-3 are practicing their etiquette and an original poem to recite during this fun event.
    SBAC (CAASPP) Testing - Our testing schedule is:
    Monday, May 13th - ELA Test
    Wednesday, May 15th - ELA Performance Task Test
    Thursday, May 16th - Math Test
    Friday, May 17th - Math Performance Task Test
    Next week, your child will have test prep work for homework.  Please set aside some time each night (if possible) to review these together with your child
    Testing Treats!  One FUN things we do in C-3 during testing is we enjoy the treat of gum or mints while we are taking the test.  Studies have shown that chewing gum (and/or the scent of mint) can help awaken the mind and support focus.  Whether this works or is just a placebo, we like to do it in C-3!  If you would like to send in gum or mints to share with the class, please send some in anytime prior to testing.  We will start collecting next week.  Thank you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
    "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
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  • C-3 News 4-26-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 4/26/2019
    Dear C-3 Families,
    Happy Friday!  Great news - All of our field trip collections have been completed for the year, so we will not be sending home any more permission slips or asking for any more field trip donations (Always one of my very least favorite duties as a teacher). ๐Ÿ˜  Thank you for all of your support in making these hands-on experiences possible for our students. 
    Our field trip to the Alviso Adobe Park is next Tuesday.  The students will be applying their knowledge and expanding their leaning about the Ohlone people, this land during the Ohlone and Rancho periods, and fossils.  It is a very enriching trip! 

    Friday Folder - Please do not miss your child's great work in their Friday Folder.  This week, they are bringing home a few amazing pieces of hard work that we simply did not have space in our classroom to display during Open House.  Specifically, I'd  like to point out the Plant Adaptation books.  They put a lot of research and work into those, and I think it shows. :)

    Next Thursday, all third grade teachers will be at a meeting.  We will have a substitute in the classroom.  I will be checking my email throughout the day, so please send a message if you need anything.
    Students will be starting an incredibly enriching and impressive algebra program next week.  If you can't tell, I get very excited about introducing this to my students each year.  Ask your child about it next week.  It's really beneficial for them to teach others what they have been learning in class. 
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy the sunshine!


    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
    "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
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  • C-3 News 4-10-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 4/9/2019

    Dear C-3 Parents,

    Happy Tuesday!  Our weekly news is coming to you early this week because we simply have too much going on - I can't wait to share it all! :)
    This Friday is Pastries with Parents - Please join your child for a pastry before school if you can.  The MPR will be open from 7:15-8:25.
    Thank you for all of the Math-a-thon donations!  Our class averaged a 97% on the Math-a-thon test.  The class will be enjoying a sundae party this Friday to celebrate all of their hard work.
    Pioneer Projects are due this Friday, April 12th!
    Our Topic 16 math test will be next Tuesday.
    Our field trip to Color Me Mine is next Wednesday from 10:15-12:00.  
    Next Thursday is Open House from 6:00-7:00.  Please try to be here by 6:10.  The class has a surprise song they are preparing for you. โค  Please bring a bag with you to Open House.  Your child will be bringing quite a bit of wonderful work home with them 
    We still need one more driver for our field trip to the Alviso Adobe park on Tuesday, April 30th.  Please let me know if you can join us.  Thank you!
    *Save the Date: Our last field trip will be on May 14th.  It will be to the Civic Center and Heritage Center here in Dublin.  This is an all-day field trip.  I will be sending home the permission slips in the next couple weeks, but wanted you to save the date if you can drive.  We will need approximately 6-7 drivers.  Thank you!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
    "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
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  • C-3 News 3-29-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 3/29/2019

    Dear C-3 Parents,

    Happy Spring Break!  It sounds like there are some amazing trips in the work for some of you and some good relaxation for others. Both sound incredible to me, and I cannot wait to hear all of the kids' stories when they return.  
     A few quick announcements:
    * Our class scored a 97% average on the Math-a-thon test, so the students will be enjoying an ice cream party when we return from break.  Congratulations to everyone!!
    * The Pioneer Project is due on April 12th.  I am attaching the direction sheet again to this email in case your child has misplaced it and wants to work on it over the break.
    * Our field trip to Color Me Mine is on Wednesday, April 17th from 10:15-11:45.  We have enough drivers for this trip. Thank you!
    * Our field trip to Alviso Adobe is on Tuesday, April 30th from 9:10-12:00.  We still need one more driver for this trip.
    * Open House is Thursday, April 18 from 6:00-7:30.  Please try to be here by 6:15 at the latest.  The students have a surprise song they've been working on to present to you. ๏’—
    * Our C-3 tea party will be on Friday, April 26th.  More information to come. 
    The Engineering Fair was such a fun exhibit!  It was exciting to see all of the innovative and creative projects by our C-3 classmates and other Gator friends.  You can see some pictures on our Class Dojo.
    Have a very enjoyable break!  I will miss seeing the kids each day! ๏’“
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  • Class News 3-22-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 3/22/2019

    Dear C-3 families,

    Happy Friday!  
    This week our class: finished reading Charlotte's Web, completed our Charlotte's Web journals, and read through a Reader's Theater version of Charlotte's Web.  Next week, we will be making our paper-mache Wilburs. Please make sure your child turns in their stuffed paper bag by Monday so we can prep it for our paper-mache project.  Thank you!
    Math - We've had an exciting couple days of math celebrations: Kangaroo Math on Thursday and the third grade Math-a-thon today.  The students did very well!  Please sign and return the math test in your child's Friday Folder.  Our Math Topic 15 (Liquid Volume and Mass) test will on Tuesday.  A practice test will go home Monday. 
    We start our reading and science unit on Weather and Climate next week.  This is always an exciting learning time for the class.  Be ready to hear your child talk endlessly about the types of clouds they see in the sky and the weather they predict.  You will surely have some fun and interesting conversations.
    Spelling: affect, certain, computers, Connecticut, covered, crucial, fierce, recommended
    Vocabulary: climate, elevation, measure, weather, temperature, cumulus, nimbus
    Science: finishing up Fossils and starting Weather and Climate
    Next Friday is a minimum day schedule (8:25-12:30).  The following week is Spring Break!  
    As always, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or comments.  Enjoy your weekend! 
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  • C-3 News 3-13-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 3/13/2019

    Dear C-3 families,

    I hope this email finds you well.  I wanted to send a few reminders of upcoming happenings.
    This Friday is a NO SCHOOL day.  Please enjoy the long weekend. :)
    Next Friday, is our big Math-a-thon event!  I am leaving your child's math practice packet in his/her folder so they can use this to study.  We are also practicing and preparing in class.  Please send in the math-a-thon sponsor sheet as soon as it is completed.  Thank you for your support.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
    Students brought home the directions for their Pioneer Project earlier this week.  It is due on April 12th.  I hope your child enjoys this fun and enriching project.
    Permission Slips: Please turn in your permission slips for the Alviso Adobe and Color Me Mine field trips ASAP.  Thank you!
    Just a reminder: I will be out of town until Tuesday.  Mrs. Kujacich will be with the class while I am gone.  She is a lovely and very experienced substitute, so I know the class is in good hands.  I will be checking my email regularly so please message me with any questions/comments and I will get right back to you.
    The CAASPP testing is coming up in May.  These tests are quite challenging (especially for third graders since it is their first time taking them). You can help your child prepare by working with them through "The Practice and Training Tests" at the CAASPP website.  CAASPP Practice Test
    Our Wilbur paper-mache projects are coming up the week of March 25th.  We need to get our little pigs prepped for the paper-mache portion of our activity.  Please send in the paper bagged filled with shredded paper as soon as you can.  Thank you!
    I think that is it for now.  Have a wonderful rest of your week! :)
    Carley Kennedy
    Third Grade Teacher
    Green Elementary School
    "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
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  • C-3 News 3-6-19

    Posted by Carley Kennedy on 3/6/2019
    Dear Families,
    A couple time sensitive reminders:
    Tomorrow is spring picture day.  Please send in the order form if you would like your child to have their picture taken.
    I am attaching the information for the third grade math-a-thon.  I am also sending home a practice packet with your child tomorrow to help him/her prepare for the math-a-thon test.  This is a fundraiser for third grade classrooms this year.  Thank you for your support!
    *Please start collecting (and sending in) your empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls and shredded paper.  We will be making some paper-mache Wilburs this month and will need these for our project.  We will also need parent volunteers to help with on the project day.  Please see the attached sheet for more information about materials, days and times. Thank you!
    (Attached sheets below)
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