Welcome to Room C7,
    We are honored to be teaching your child this school year.  This will be a year of changes for our students.  The primary grades are behind us and many new expectations are placed upon us.  In the early grades much time is spent “learning how to read”.  Now it is time to “read to learn”.


    Fourth graders are capable of working independently and cooperatively on class projects and group activities.  Students will be given more opportunities to lead and to follow, to collaborate, and to make stable peer relationships.  Our classroom rules are life skills that should be followed at school and at home:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Kind


    Just remember that you are your child’s first teacher.  You have the greatest impact.  If you feel education is important, your child will pick up on that and feel that doing his/her best and getting an education is important, as well.  You make the difference!  We are looking forward to sharing more information about our upcoming school year at Back to School Night on Thursday, August 15th.  



    Mrs. Crossman & Mrs. Flory

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