WMS Principal Robert Slauson


    Welcome to Wells Middle School!

    It is with extreme pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. I am proud to be your principal and I am excited to begin our work together. I believe that our school should be a "Community of Learners" focused on learning at high levels while taking care of one another so that we will continue to become a "Community of Respect".  There are many great things happening at Wells!

    I am excited to be your principal as I have a lot of experience as a principal in all grades-K-12 and have enjoyed my work as principal in each of those levels but middle school is so rewarding and exciting! While my experience has taken me to two high schools, one elementary school, and two middle schools, helping Wells to reach its potential is very exciting! 

    Part of building a community is giving of yourself. We will learn together at the highest levels when we feel safe, connected, supported, and cared for. My highest priority is the health and safety of students, staff, parents, and guests. However, building an intentional school community to create the connection is also very important. Each day and with every experience we have, we arrive at a place to make a decision. That decision is, “Do I want to make this situation better or do I want to make it worse?" We have the choice to carve out whatever kind of community we aspire toward. My intent is to foster the respect, kindness, and consideration necessary to learn and grow at high levels

    I am planning to use my leadership skills and my passion for this work to ensure that all of our systems line up to give the support necessary to accomplish our mission. I plan to involve all of our stakeholders in helping us with this important work. We will have a transparent and efficient communication system that enables quality feedback. It is important to me to hear from our students, parents, and community about their concerns and affirmations. Leadership was never intended to arise from a vacuum; it is a process of involving others for the greater good. You will appreciate my ability to both listen and step up in difficult times.

    We are making the strongest commitment to learning this year by asking students to put their phones away for the day.  Students will be asked to turn off their electronic devices and put them away during the school day. Our focus will be on building quality relationships and learning at high levels! 

    If you are a prospective student or staff member, please spend some quality time learning about us through our website or from a school visit.  We want to get to know you!

    Thanks to all of you for helping us to make this the best year possible at Wells!

    Take care,

    Rob Slauson, Principal