• Dublin High School's
    Engineering and Design Academy

    The Engineering Academy is a specialized three-year learning program that provides students with a combination of the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in a post-secondary engineering program and career exploration opportunities. All engineering curriculum is project-based with hands-on activities that combine math and science skills with real-world problems. As part of an Academy cohort, students will share common classes with other Academy students and see integrated use of technology within these classes. Cohort students also participate in a year-long mentor program with industry professionals. Though our engineering classes are open electives, our Academy cohort students earn priority into these classes and additional opportunities, as well as earn an Engineering Certificate upon graduation. 
    Truss Mechanical Winch

    Please view more information about the Academy using the links to the left. For specific information, questions, or comments, please contact any of the following people.

    Academy Coordinator: Eugene Chou - choueugene@dublinusd.org
    Academy Counselor: Kim Halket - halketkim@dublinusd.org
    Vice Principal: Kara Holte - holtekara@dublinusd.org