• Mr. Fechter: RSP Teacher (RSP English, RSP Tutorial)
    Please refer to the links below to our google classroom pages for all things related to our class. I will be adding parents to their student's Google Classroom so you can access the assignments and other class materials. If you have are having trouble accessing Google Classroom as a parent, ask your student for their login information and save it so you can log in in the future.
    English 1/2 (class code: tf7fcmm)
    English 3/4 (class code: 97lkosj)
    5th Period Tutorial (class code: wep7xe)
    6th Period Tutorial (class code: izr93f)
    7th Period Tutorial  (class code: zkm7yi)
    I encourage students and parents to contact me by email with any questions regarding class assignments or anything else; I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.