• Our fundamental purpose and focus continues to be student learning.   We are concentrating our efforts to ensure that every students is successful, prepared for each level of schooling and for success in college, service to our country, or as a part of the global work force after they leave our care. 

    These efforts are central to the accomplishment of one of the strategic initiatives that make up our current strategic plan; Vision 20/20. There are four key initiatives that make up the plan.  All initiatives, along with the action plans that describe how they will be implemented can be viewed by clicking on the links below.   This past spring, we have continued the process of looking to the future by completing a yearly review of our strategic plan.  "Vision 20/20", is a dynamic, living document of our work as we continue to focus on student learning, with particular emphasis on 21st Century learning skills for every student. 

    Advisory committees were formed to develop the district's strategic plan and some continue each year.  Each serves a dual purpose.  These advisory committees will continue to monitor, adjust, and communicate the ongoing work of the district on our current goals.  Teachers, support staff, leaders, trustees, and parents are all involved as key participants in this process.  We look forward to continued success with our current plan, "Vision 20/20".