• Hello there!   Welcome to my web page.  For the 2019-2020 school year, I am teaching  2 sections of College Prep Chemistry, and 3 sections of Advanced Placement Chemistry.    
    My teaching schedule:            
    Period:         What I'm doing:  Where I am: 
    1st period:                             check in the science office!
    2nd period:   Chemistry           K-206
    3rd period:    Chemistry          K-206   
    4th period:    Prep                  K-203 (usually; can also check the science office) 
    5th period:    AP Chemistry      K-203
    6th period:    AP Chemistry      K-203
    7th Period:    AP Chemistry      K-203
    Where to find daily agendas, handouts, and day-to-day information about my classes:
    Required materials for all of my classes:  scientific calculator (TI-30 or similar, expensive graphing calculators are NOT required for Chemistry or AP Chemistry.)   Pens, pencils, highlighter, whiteboard pens.  Spiral notebooks for class notes.  A 3-ring binder for handouts (may be shared with other classes).  
    About me:  
    I am a graduate of UC Berkeley (Biological Sciences)  and CSU East Bay (MBA and teaching credential.)  I have been employed with the district since 2003.  Although I have been associated with DHS Science department for over a decade, I was fortunate to teach science Wells Middle School, and also to serve the entire district as Energy Education Manager. I now serve as co-lead teacher of the Science Department.  
    How to contact me:
    My room is K203 (upper floor of the science building, in the "tunnel" between math and science.)   My email address is vereenbrad@dublinusd.org.  My phone is (925) 833-3300 ext 7084.   I am generally available to students after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by appointment.  
    Mandatory science links: 
    Below are some of the highlights of how I spent Summer 2015.   We got to see the first detailed images of Pluto (it's a planet if you want it to be).  When New Horizons launched, my son and I had our names placed on a CD that traveled on the spacecraft all the way to Pluto!  Ten years later, what beautiful images we received.  I can kind of see the "Pluto" (Mickey's dog) towards the lower right limb of the planet.     
    We also visited the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens and saw the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum).  The gentleman to the left is one of my old professors!   As if anyone needs a demonstration that life isn't all roses, this thing steamed and smelled horrible. (Some people say it smells like rotten meat, it kind of smelled like rotten vegetables to me.)   Good thing it only blooms for 24 hours once every few years!
    Pluto at New Horizon's Closest Approach
    My certificate!
    The Selfie with a bloom that smells like rotten meat. Nice!