• AFFIDAVIT INFORMATION: Co-Residency and Caregiver

    Please complete the appropriate affidavit by clicking the link below to complete the form. Be sure to attach the required documents, listed below. 

    Affidavits must be renewed every year, after July 16.

    Click here for the Co-Residency Affidavit- If you and your students are living in the home of another adult without a rental agreement.

    Click here to initiate the Caregiver Affidavit - If a child, other than your own, is living in your home and under your care in the absence of legal guardianship. 

    For both Co-Residency and Caregiver affidavits, two (2) forms of residency verification must be attached to the online application. Acceptable forms are listed below: 

    • Current and complete Gas/Electric/Solar bill
    • Current and complete cable/internet bill
    • Current and complete water bill
    • Current and complete AVI bill
    • Current social services documents (food stamps, TANF, Medicaid, Social Security payment)
    • Current mortgage statement, lease agreement, rental agreement (showing beginning and end of lease dates)  

    The Co-Residency Affidavit must also include one of the following, in the attachments:

    • Current Vehicle Registration with parent/guardian name and current address with co-resident
    • Current Payroll stub with parent/guardian name and current address with co-resident
    • Current W-2 Tax Document with parent/guardian name and current address
    • Driver license or State Issued ID from  DMV with co-resident address