• There are three "Booster" organizations at Dublin High School - PFSO, Band Boosters and Athletic Boosters, all non-profit groups run by parents that support our students, programs and activities through a wide variety of fundraising efforts and endeavors designed to make our school a better place. 

    And we need your help. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise this school to the best it can be. While the phrase "fundraising" can lead one to believe that all we need is your money, that's not true at all. We also need your time, your energy, your creativity and your passion in support of our kids!
    We are making a strong push to encourage volunteerism this year, building around three messages:
    Bring a friend. Volunteering is a great way to socialize, working together with a group of friends on a school project can be a tremendous amount of fun!
    Make a friend. Some of our nearest and dearest friends end up being those folks who we have been with in the volunteer trenches, working hard. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and establish new connections.
    Share your passion. Everyone is good at something! Share your gifts with our students! 
    People ask all the time, "How can I help?" Well, here's the answer.
    We have created a volunteer catalog with a variety of volunteer opportunities and ways to contribute. 
    Click on the Volunteer Catalog Tab to the left to see our Volunteer Catalog and join in! We need you, the Gaels need you.