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    Welcome to Mrs. Bretey's Classroom E-1 
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    Classroom Policies, Procedures Weekly Schedule
    We have also started a job chart and the students earn extra money by doing their classroom jobs ( pencil sharpener, lunch count, lunch carrier,chair pusher, attendance, water bottle filler, librarian, paper
    passer,cleaner, banker, and equipment manager).
    Students are able to spend their class money on Friday afternoon when the classroom store is open. 

    Spelling packets will be sent every Monday and are due Friday. 
    Math packets come home weekly depending on the concept and how well the students do. I want students to be able to practice the concept at home independently.
    If more homework is needed: 4th grade homework is reading every night for 30 minutes. 

    We have library on Tuesday 9:15-9:45 and we get two books; one free book that the students can take home to have someone read to them and an AR book to keep at school. 

    Just a few reminders-
    The climate in the classroom is a bit challenging. Please send your
    student with a jacket or sweater the classroom gets stuffy and we can't open the windows or door because there are always students outside for lunch or PE so the tricky air conditioning is what our choice is.

    Adaptive PE days are Tuesday and Friday from 9:45-10:30.
     I am so happy with how well the school year is going and am truly
    enjoying working with your students. I am especially grateful for your
    support, I love seeing you in the mornings and afternoons and look forward to visiting with you each day. 
    Academics and Content

    We have centers for Math, English language arts and Science or Social Studies time. I am so pleased with how well the students transition from one center to another. For Math we have 3 centers; one is for reteaching or practicing the new concept that was taught during the whole class lesson. The second is for reviewing or working on IEP goals, and the third is for a computer game that supports the new math concept or a game from the curriculum where the students are applying the new concept.
    Math is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-10.
    We have finished identifying place value and expanded form, ordering and comparing numbers, multiplication facts for 3,4,and 6's. We have worked on understanding arrays with multiplication and created candy catalogs, solved multiplication problems with repeated addition and by drawing pictures.

    For our reading times we have centers that focus on grammar, writing, reading responses and a new program I am using on the computers called Read Naturally. I have downloaded a free 60 day trial to see how it goes. We do Reading centers M,W and Thursday 10:30-11:15

    As for Science and Social Studies we have a computer session where the students go on scavenger hunts looking for information or images, a lab session and an information session. We do these on Tuesday- Friday 12:30-1:30. We have covered Weather, Matter, and CA regions.

    We will be starting a Social Skills time in the afternoon on
    Wednesday-Friday from 1:45-2:30 I will be using Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking curriculum and am really looking forward to this.

    Please let me know if there is a time you would like to come and hang out with us or run a center.