• Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program
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    To provide high quality differentiated opportunities for learning that successfully address gifted and talented students' individual and unique abilities and talents while meeting and exceeding state and local content standards within the context of the regular school day.
    Standards, Assessment & Accountability
    The district will identify and serve all gifted and talented students in the District and use a process for reviewing student work to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program.
    Teaching & Learning
    GATE students are provided differentiated opportunities for learning commensurate with the individual GATE student's particular abilities, talents, and needs.
    Staffing & Professional Growth
    Teachers are trained to work with gifted students and have ongoing access to professional development opportunities.
    Parent & Community Involvement
    Parents of GATE students have the opportunity to participate in planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program through the school site council and the District GATE Parent Advisory Council.
    The budget supports the identified priorities and goals for student learning.
    The California State Department of Education guidelines for programs for the gifted:

    · Differentiated opportunities within the core curriculum for learning.

    · Provide alternative learning environments.

    · Develop sensitivity and responsibility.

    · Develop a commitment to constructive ethical standards.

    · Develop problem-solving abilities.

    · Develop realistic, healthy self-concepts.


    GRADES 3, 4, and 5 Students will be clustered together for identified subjects or will be regrouped for a portion of the school day depending on the school site. Teachers who have been trained in the tenets of differentiated instruction and instructional strategies that promote thinking, problem solving and multiple intelligences teach these classes. Additionally GATE students may participate in enrichment opportunities that vary from site to site.
    GRADES 6, 7, and 8 GATE students are grouped together by grade level for Honors English, History and Math Classes. Teachers receive special training and GATE students may also take foreign language, instrumental music and/or industrial technology electives.
    GRADES 9-12 The Counseling Office at Dublin High School coordinates activities for GATE students. High School students have the opportunity to take honors and advanced placement courses as well as belonging to the Scholars of Society Club that meets on campus.


    Acceleration/Pacing The student moves more rapidly through a particular curricular sequence. This may occur through self-pacing or in a class or course for a higher age or grade.

    Depth Depth is elaboration. The student pursues a topic to a greater level of understanding. The student examines topics by determining the facts, concepts, generalizations, principles, and theories related to them.

    Complexity Complexity is extending the content to the study of issues, problems, and themes. The student relates concepts and ideas at a more sophisticated level; sees associations among diverse subjects, topics, or levels: finds multiple solutions to problems: and analyzes and evaluates solutions from several points of view.
    Novelty Novelty is primarily student initiated. The student is encouraged to seek original interpretations, reinterpretations, or restatements of existing information. The student approaches areas of study in personalized, individualistic, and non-traditional ways.
    Source: ”Differentiation the Core Curriculum and Instruction to Provide Advanced Learning Opportunities, “ California Department of Education Association for the Gifted, 1994.
    Ways students can qualify:
    High scores on an appropriate test of intellectual ability which is currently the Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT). Any child in grades 3-11 may take the test by having their parent complete the Permission to Test form. Testing is completed in the spring during the regular school day and parents are notified of the results by mail in August.
    All students' scores on the California Standards Tests in English Language Arts and math are analyzed to see if they qualify on the basis of exemplary learning.
    Students whose standards scores and intellectual scores are slightly below the cut points, may qualify based on our “hybrid” formula.
    Leadership- Middle School students have an opportunity to serve in this capacity based on the selection criteria used for the Middle School Leadership class.
    Students whose cultural diversity or knowledge of English language prevents them from qualifying in the previously mentioned categories may be placed in the GATE program based on their ability to acquire the English language as indicated by the annual CELDT test scores.
    The GATE program encourages parent involvement. You can receive the Galloping GATE Newsletter, participate on the GATE Advisory Council, and attend Parent Education Nights. Every school has a GATE Liaison who can serve as a site contact for the GATE program. Updated information can be found on the GATE website.
    Contact your child's principal or school's GATE Liaison for additional information.
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