• Campus Clubs & Organizations

    CLUB NAME                                                            STAFF ADVISOR                                                      CLUB MEETING INFO
    2SERVE Ms. Sininger Once a month in Ms. Sininger's room:
    A Stitch in Time Nicole Slavec The club will meet at least twice a month on Wednesdays in H-7.
    Alzheimer's Volunteering Club Ms. Daly Once a month, Ms. Daly's classroom - L-210
    American Red Cross Ms. Angel-Diaz Atleast once month on Tuesdays after FMP
    Anime Club Erica Lee Once a week on Thursdays at J-105.
    AP Access Foundation Mrs. Palma M111 twice a week
    Archery Club Brad Vereen Twice a month in Mr. Vereen's room (K203)
    Art Club Wendy Johnson Art Club will meet once every two weeks at Ms. Johnson's room, N-103.
    Augmented Video Games Club Chris Meyer Once a week; N-108
    Avani Ms. Stimson Weekly Practices at a dance studio in Pleasanton.
    Azn Club Ms. Xu First Tuesday of the month in Q-13
    Badminton Club Mrs. Lopez DHS Gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays during lunch (and possibly after school).
    Best Buddies Ms. Jaime Melvin Every Thursday in Q1
    Better Vision for a Better Future Mary Hake Once a semester in L - 109.
    Beyond the Scene Ms.Vallejo Every other Thursday after FMP in Ms.Vallejo’s room (L-210)
    Black Student Union Megan Mc.Farland 2 times a month Ms. Mc.Farland
    Bring Change to Mind Jill Lemmer Alternating Tuesdays in room H-5 during lunch after FMP.
    Bullet Journal Club Patricia McGinley Twice a month in L202.
    C.A.V.E. (Cinematically Advanced Viewing Experience) Club Michael D'Ambrosio We will meet in Mr. D'Ambrosio's classroom, C-121, once a month.
    California Scholarship Federation Kim Halket Once a month in the sports complex
    Catholic Club Tim Sabranti Still TBD but depending on schedules, potentially every other week.
    Chance to Dance Mrs. Melvin Every other Tuesday in Q1
    Chess Club Carl Palowitch Mr. Palowitch's classroom on Fridays.
    Climate Change is Real Mrs. Patricia McGinley Mrs. McGinley's room in M-202
    Club NGN Don Nyswonger P-6 portable during lunch on Fridays.
    Compassion Crew Allyson Dally Every other Wednesday in L-210, Ms. Dally's room.
    Connect4 Cancer Ms Causapin Every other Thursday
    Cricket Club Greg Oravetz Emerald Glen Friday every week
    Cryptid Club Patricia McGinley Every Friday in M202.
    Cultural Cuisines Sarah Hollison Mondays in Mrs. Hollison’s room as decided by the club, optimally every other week.
    Culture Club Mr.McKeon It’ll meet every Thursday or Friday in M-205.
    Cyber Hub Gabrielle Vidrio Every Wednesday during lunch in L-204.
    Cybersecurity Robert Kaehms Every few weeks in Mr. Kaehm's room
    Days For Girls Nicole Slavec Tuesday every other week in H7.
    DECA Jodi Morgan Every other week, twuice a month in Q-15
    Deep Learning and AI Club Allyson Mongold The club will meet once a month at lunch in J-209.
    Disaster Outreach Program Tess Scoenthal Once a month for the first semester in J-101.
    DIY Club Emily Hurd One Wednesday a month in Ms. Hurd’s room.
    Drama Club Kat Delapp Every Thursday after FMP in room C-116
    DreamCatchers Allison Mongold Once a month in Ms. Mongold’s classroom.
    Dublin High Democrats Chris Meyer Biweekly Mondays in Mr. Meyer's room
    Dublin High Republicans Gabrielle Vidrio Once every two weeks in Ms. Vidrio's classroom.
    Dublin Miracles Ms. McGinley Bi-weekly meetings in Ms. McGinley’s room M202
    Dungeons & Dragons Club Mitchell Kless Every Friday at lunchtime, in Room J-205 (Mr. Kless’ room).
    E-waste club Kate Anderton Every Friday in room m-212
    Economics Club Kyria Bauer Tuesdays during Lunch after FMP in P1.
    Elements of India Mathini Uthayasegar Once a month in Ms. Uthayasegar's room.
    Elephant in the Room Sara Hollison Monthly or bi-monthly meetings during Lunch in L-211 on Wednesdays/Fridays
    Endangered Species Club Mrs.Kaplan Twice a Month, in staff advisors’ (Mrs.Kaplan) classroom
    Engineering and Design Club Dave Uken Bi-weekly in the Engineering Room (K-201).
    Enrichment For All Rebecca Briggs L-212 on days without FMP and most probably Wednesdays (2-3 times per semester)
    Environmental Sustainability Club Mrs. Bude Every other Monday after FMP in Mrs. Bude’s room, K-105.
    Environmental Technology Club Robert Kaehms Every Wednesday at lunch in P6 and after school every other week in P6 or P5.
    Fair Chance Eswari Pandian After school in the D building.
    Fighting Game Club Chris Meyer Wednesdays in Mr. Meyer's room (N-108)
    Filipino American Student Union Thomas Lee Every other Tuesday at lunch, after FMP, in room J-109
    Financial Literacy and Leadership Initiative Mrs. Kyria Bauer The club meetings will be held twice a month in room P1.
    Fish Club Hannah Moreno Every Friday at lunch in room L202 (unless otherwise announced)
    Foundation for International Medical Relief  of Children Club (FIMRC) TBD Every other Thursday, after FMP, in Ms. Sosa's classroom.
    Full Hub Club Mrs. Palma Once a week in Mrs. Palma's classroom (M-111)
    Funds for Fairness Ms. Jaime Melvin Meetings will be held in Q1 unless specified earlier.
    Gael Force Build Eugene Chou and Adam Brown Weekly/Bi-Weekly (Depending on need), K201.
    Gael Force Robotics Club Jeffrey Taylor Every Tuesday during lunch, after FMP, in Q-12. 
    Regular meetings will be in P-4, every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-5:30 pm.
    Gavel Club Mrs. Hillary Espinoza Our club will meet every other Friday in Mrs.Espinoza's room (M-204).
    Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Sara Hollison and Nick McKeon Once a week, Wednesdays, Hollisons room L211
    Gifting Music Elliot Polot Our club will most likely meet in the band room once every 1-2 weeks.
    Girl Up Sara Hollison and Erin Vallejo We’ll be meeting every Thursday in either Ms. Hollison or Ms. Vallejo’s room.
    Girls Who Code Katina Lewis Our club meetings will be in room J-204 every other week.
    Give Organizations Hope Ms. Schoenthal Every other Thursday after FMP in room J10 (Starting September 12).
    GiveLight Club Ashley Sheaff We will always meet in Ms. Sheaff's room and it will be at least one time every two weeks.
    Global Glimpse Ms. Uthayasegar Approximately once a month in Ms. Uthayasegar's room
    GMA (Girls Math Association) Allison Mongold Once every week on Monday in J-204. Meetings will last from the beginning to the end of lunch.
    Habitat for Humanity Mary Hake Once a month in L-109
    Hack Club Veronica Wienholz Our club is going to meet every monday during lunch in Mrs. Wienholz's room, L112.
    Happy Meals Shawn McGarrah Our club will be meeting every two weeks
    Health & Wellness Club Mrs. Spence Every other Friday during lunch.
    heART Ashley Storey My club will meet every Friday in room Mrs. Storey's room L-201.
    Help The Refugees Ayesha Asim Once a month in Ms. Chan’s classroom or sometimes during lunch.
    Hockey Mr. D’Ambrosio Once to Twice a week for games
    HOSA Janet Kaehms Once or twice a month in k202
    iCare Mrs. Angel-Diaz Our club is going to meet once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays after FMP in L209.
    Improv Club Ms. Delapp Every Thursday in the Drama Room (C116)
    Interact Club Mrs. Nobida Bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays during lunch after FMP in the Career Center.
    Investment Club Nadine Medieros Wednesday and Friday (if possible) at lunch in J-107.
    Irish Guard Marching Band Elliot Polot Every Tuesday in the Band Room
    Junior State of America Carter Stimson and Tim Sbranti Every week in room L-112
    Karoake Mr. Reed 2 times a semester
    Key Club Ashley Sheaff Every Tuesday in L213
    Kids Against Hunger Sara Hollison 2nd Thursday of the month in room L211 (Hollison's room).
    Latinos Unidos Rosa Rodriguez Every other Tuesday during lunch in room M-112.
    League Of Legends Club Chris Meyer Every Tuesday in N-108
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Kendon Matkins Every other week @ Mr. Matkins rokm
    Local Cancer Support Club Madame Jacob-Bohart Meetings will be held in room M113.
    Magi Club Ms. Chan Every Monday during lunch, after FMP, in Ms. Chan's room.
    Make-A-Wish Julianne Sundstrom Twice a month, K-207
    Math Club Tina Lawson Every two weeks in J-105 or the J building collaboration space.
    Medlife Koren Soule Every other week on Thursday at M103
    MindBodySoul Valerie Jacob-Bohart Every Friday in Ms. Bohart's classroom.
    Model United Nations Jacob-Bohart, Valerie Every other Tuesday in Ms. Bohart’s room, M-113.
    MTG Mrs. Langendorff Our club will meet at Mrs. Langendorff's class in J201 every Friday during Lunch.
    Muslim Student Association Mrs. Gergley (Foland) Fridays during lunch in M203.
    "Naach Dikhade” Bollywood Dance Club Ms. Carmen Chan Twice a week. One will be at DHS and the other will be at an officer's house.
    National Honors Society Ms. Vidrio and Ms. Spence Once every two months in the old gym or the sports complex.
    Open Heart Kitchen Mr. Rodriguez Mr. Rodriguez's class during lunch.
    Operation Smile Mitzuka Bude 1st Monday of every month during lunch, after FMP.
    Overbooked Club Adair Spence Once a month in the Hub.
    Parks and Rec Ms. Neideffer Once a month in Ms. Neideffer’s room. There will be one park clean up a quarter.
    Parties for Patients Elizabeth Gustav Monthly on Wednesdays in Ms. Gustav’s classroom during lunch
    PATCH Club Ms. Vallejo Every other week on Wednesday in our advisor’s classroom.
    Peer Educators Holly Garcia Every other Monday in H-5, Mrs. Garcia's room.
    Philosophy and Ethics Club Rebecca Briggs Every month in Ms. Briggs´s room.
    Photography Club Anne Ha Once a Month on Tuesday during lunch, after FMP in K-206
    Physics club Mary LevakCohen Once a week in room K109
    Ping Pong Club Greg Orvetz Every other Friday during lunch in the old gym.
    Project Linus Mr. Ruegg The first Thursday of every month, in Mr. Ruegg’s room, L-111.
    Python Development Club Ms. Chan Every Friday at Ms. Chan's room
    Quizbowl Club Valerie Jacob-Bohart Thursday’s in Ms. Bohart’s room during lunch.
    Reach To Society Michael Ruegg Once a month in room Q-4.
    Room to Read Erin Vallejo Every other Wednesday in room L210
    Save Earth Jeanne Morgan Once every month in K204.
    Science Olympiad Trevor Johnston Weekly in Q18 on Wednesdays
    Self Love Club TBD Every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And my club will meet at room L-203.
    Sikh Honors Service Society Jodi Morgan Twice a month in Ms. Morgan's room during lunch, after fmp.
    Sociedad Hispanica Honoraria - Los caballeros del valle Rocio Serrano and Maria Palma Meetings will be held on Wednesdays during lunch in M105, once or twice a month.
    Spark of Code Anne Ha Once-a-month group calls or on-campus lunch meetings on the first Monday of every month.
    Speech and Debate Allyson Daly Every Tuesday after school at L 210 (Ms. Daly's room).
    St. Jude Volunteer Club Ms. Hermens Every Wednesday in Ms. Hermens’ room, K-106.
    STAR Club Carmen Chan Every other Wednesday, during lunch, after FMP. We will meet in L208.
    STEM Education Mrs. Cowan Once a month or once every two months in M 111 with Mrs. Cowan.
    Super Smash Bros Club Shawn McGarrah Once a month in Mr. McGarrah’s room, Q-6.
    Support Club Hillary Espinoza Every other week, in M204.
    Swing Dance Club Ms. Sharlene Sabonis Once a week in the dance room
    Technical Theatre Club Adams Fresquez Once a month in the performing arts center.
    Technovation Mrs. Vaughn Langendorff On the second and fourth Wednesday of every month in J201, Mrs. Langendorff's room.
    Teens Unite for Education Mrs. Garcia Monthly; H6
    The Dublin Shield Ramany Kaplan and Tim Sbranti Every Monday in Ms. Kaplan's room, L-206.
    The Salvation Army Club Alyssa Cook Once a month in Room K-208
    The Tech Archives Chris MacDougall Every week in Mr. MacDougall's room L205
    Ultimate Frisbee Club Shawn McHugh Weekly at school.
    VCM (Valley Children's Museum) Ms.Serrano Once a month at Mrs. Serrano's classroom.
    Video Game Club Anderton Every Wednesday in m212
    Vietnamese Student Association Ms. Gustav Twice a week at Ms. Gustav's room, M-201
    Waste Reduction Club Anne-Marie Etesse Monthly in M-101
    Young Writer's Club Nick McKeon Tuesday's during lunch, after FMP M-205