Interested in starting a Club at Wells Middle School? How about a Science or Math Olympiad's Club? What about an Anime or Art Club? Want to meet others who play chess or video games? What about a Chess Club or a Gamer's Club? Love the movie Pitch Perfect? How about an a cappella Club?
    How to Start a Club
    First, read the following about the Club process and make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of an organized club.
    Clubs must be composed entirely of students enrolled at the school. All clubs must be formed before the end of October.  A group of students may apply for permission to form a club as follows:
    1. Obtain a Club Application from the ASB office or online.
    2. Complete the application in its entirety
    3. Return to the ASB office for approval. If approved then,
    4. Submit the constitution and budget to the Student Activities Window
    5. The Student Council, the Leadership Advisor, and Principal will approve the constitution and budget, then return copies to the advisor.
    6. Hold your first official meeting! Congratulations! You are now an official club!
    To have a club on campus is a privilege and not a right. The club must have a purpose and hold regular meetings. Clubs are subject to the same procedures and regulations as the Student Body organization. If a club become inactive (dormant for 10 months), the funds will be transferred to the ASB General Fund balance. Club privileges may be revoked if the requirements and responsibilities of having a club on campus listed below are not met:
    • Each club must be approved by ASB and have a completed club application and constitution on file in the ASB office
    • Each club must have an employee of the district as an advisor and the advisor must be present in the room during club meetings and activities sponsored by the club
    • Advisors may only sponsor the maximum of three clubs per year
    • All activities and fundraisers must be cleared IN ADVANCE, by the Associated Student Body and Activities Director.
    • All fundraisers must last for no more than a two week period.
    • All money raised by the club must be deposited into a trust account within the Associated Student Body.
    • Each club must have all dues and fundraisers approved by the ASB via the Fundraising Request Form
    • Each club is required to maintain proper records and keep minutes of each meetings.
    • Minutes must reflect details of all proceedings, including financial matters pertaining to fund raising, expenditures, etc. The activities of the on-campus clubs must be reflected in the general ASB minutes Therefore, club minutes must be submitted to the Student Activities Window on the Friday following the club meeting. The secretary and advisor must sign club minutes.