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Parcel Tax Renewal Measure

Renewing Local Funding for Dublin Schools

Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) provides its students with a high-quality and challenging education. Our excellent teachers and outstanding staff prepare students to excel in college, careers and the global economy.

Supporting Academic Excellence in Local Schools

Since 2008, our community has supported and renewed a local $96 parcel tax measure that provides locally-controlled funding for our schools. This funding has helped to maintain the high level of reading, writing, math and science instruction in our schools and helps keep high-quality teachers in our classrooms. All funds stay right here in Dublin and no funds are used for administrator salaries.

This source of funding is set to expire this year, and without renewal, our schools will lose approximately $1.7 million annually. This is equivalent to the cost of 20 or more teachers or staff, and these funds also support academic programs and services and help maintain class sizes. 

Local Renewal Measure Without Increasing Tax Rates

To protect the quality of education and instruction in our local schools, the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place a measure on the May ballot to renew this funding. The measure would not increase tax rates, as the rate would remain the same as it is under the current parcel tax. The measure may be used to:

  • Continue to attract and retain high-quality teachers
  • Support academic achievement in math, science, reading, writing, engineering, and technology
  • Prevent increases in class sizes
  • Maintain school libraries, current instructional materials and classroom technology
  • Maintain assistance for students reading below their grade level

Fiscal Accountability Provisions of Local Renewal Measure

  • All funds raised by the measure would continue to be controlled locally
  • All funds would go to our local schools and could not be taken away by the state
  • None of the funds could be used for administrator salaries
  • The measure would require independent citizen oversight to continue to ensure the funds are spent as promised

Exemption for Qualifying Senior Homeowners and SSI Recipient Homeowners

  • If approved by the voters of Dublin, under provisions of the Parcel Tax Measure, seniors at least age 65 on July 1, 2019, who own and occupy the propery, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients, regardless of age, who own and occupy the property may apply for an exemption from paying the $96 per year parcel assessment. More detailed instructions and qualifications are available on the Measure E Parcel Tax Senior and SSI Exemption Forms listed below.
                                                                Senior Citizen Exemption Form         SSI Recipient Exemption Form           

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